Country music artist Adam Brand.
Country music artist Adam Brand. Contributed - Full Force Media

Country music artist returns to Oz

ADAM Brand has returned to Australia to release his new album, There Will Be Love.

The country music artist has been based in the US for the past few years, touring with country pop juggernaut Taylor Swift and writing and recording in Nashville.

But it was important to the Perth native to finish his album and release it Down Under.

"I really felt that I wanted to be home," Brand said.

"I took all the tracks I've been recording over there the past 18 months and brought them back here and finished it all here."

Brand said the title track, which is also the first single, is representative of the album's overall theme.

"I always reflect on my own life and the way I view the world. Just like everybody you have good days and bad days," he said.

"Days where you want to party, days you just want to sit there and look at the sky and ponder the universe.

"In general, I hope that someone puts the album on and listens to it and at the end they feel hopeful.

"The overall theme of the album is definitely one of hope."

The song Tom Petty was inspired by the American rocker's uplifting song I Won't Back Down.

"There are times in your life when people and things are trying to get you down," Brand said.

"I was driving along to this songwriting session and the Tom Petty song I Won't Back Down came on the radio.

"I listened to that and went 'yeah that's it, you're not going to get me'."

Brand goes from playing sold-out stadium shows with Taylor Swift to a more intimate tour of Australian pubs and music festivals.

"The size of the (Taylor Swift) show is just incredible," he said.

"I'd walk on stage and they'd all go nuts, not because they knew who I was but just because they were so excited.

"We finished off with two nights at Madison Square Gardens. For a bloke from Perth it was like 'yeah this is pretty cool'."

Brand also returns in a new series of The Great Outdoors on Channel 7 in September.

"I've been travelling around meeting people and speaking on the other side of the camera," he said.

"I've been interviewed quite a lot in my career, but interviewing other people is interesting and fun.

"It popped into the schedule at the right time… I felt like someone upstairs was looking after me.

"Talking to characters and people in small towns and kids, it's been really nice."

There Will Be Love is in stores on August 10.

Adam Brand plays the Glengarry Country Music Muster in Port Douglas on September 15.

He also plays the Twin Towns Services Club on September 21 and the Innes Park Country Club's Beerfestabull on September 22.

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