NO TROUT ABOUT IT: Renato Ciccosillo with a nice coral trout caught round the inner islands.
NO TROUT ABOUT IT: Renato Ciccosillo with a nice coral trout caught round the inner islands. Mick Underwood

Cracking weather for fishing


Up in the creeks there are still plenty of mangrove jack getting caught and I've been hearing reports of some beauties in amongst them.

There are still are few crabs being caught but they have petered off a little.

With the weather being so nice there have been scores of anglers heading out to the "shoals” and the reef and by all reports both locations have been on fire.

There have been some cracker catches of coral trout and red throat emperor coming home from the reef and those fishing the "shoals” have been rewarded with good bags of large mouth nannygai.

Around the islands the fishing hasn't been too bad either with our local coral trout and sweetlip population keeping anglers amused all day long.

Mick Underwood, Reel Addiction Sport Fishing Charters


The islands have been fishing well with this great weather we are having.

Coral trout and sweetlip are in good numbers and size with anglers all reporting great size sweetlip getting caught around the islands fringing reefs.

Squid have also been showing up around the islands for anglers going out at night reporting huge numbers around their boats at night. The deeper holes and channels around the islands have fired up with the fingermark and mulloway still being caught in good numbers and a few reports of nannygai getting caught as well.

Spanish mackerel are here but reports haven't been great but most anglers chasing them catching one or two.

Reports of tuna around the islands are also coming in and the wider ground has still got numbers of sailfish and small black marlin being reported.

Anglers are reporting free jumping sailfish and marlin between the islands and the reef with the odd one around the islands as close in as Daydream.


Proserpine River has had some awesome reports after a bit more rain last week firing up the barramundi and salmon in the river.

Prawns have been reported in good numbers and size around the mouth of the river.

Anglers trolling hard bodies have been getting some good fish around the Kelsey Creek breakthrough and just up river from Saltwater Creek in the bends have produced some good size barramundi and king salmon.

Reports of crabs has slowed down a bit but are still worth taking a few pots out as anglers are still getting a few in the smaller creeks and gutters running into the river.

The coastal creeks have slowed down with the smaller tides, but anglers are still reporting a few mangrove jack and crabs being caught. Billies Creek seems to be the best at the moment with great reports of mangrove jack, barramundi and crabs being caught and should only get better as the tides start to get bigger.


Shute Harbour wharf has been fishing well in the early hours of the morning and late evening into the night.

The herring are back at Shute Harbour with trevally, queenfish and the odd coral trout being caught of the wharf at the moment.

Cannonvale Beach has had a great run of whiting and flathead being caught on the last couple of hours of the run in tide and the start of the run out tide.

Anglers live baiting Whisper Bay rock wall have reported a couple of fingermark and barramundi being caught using live mullet and herring.

The grunter fishing off Whisper Bay should get better in the next few days as we get closer to the full moon.

Port of Airlie rock walls reports have been good with anglers reporting plenty of baitfish down there and anglers catching a few barramundi, mangrove jacks and also a few good size fingermark bream.

Grant Spees, Whitsunday Fishing World

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