PolAir flyover at State Funeral of Senior Constable Brett Forte at Clive Berghofer Recreation Centre. June 7, 2017
PolAir flyover at State Funeral of Senior Constable Brett Forte at Clive Berghofer Recreation Centre. June 7, 2017 Bev Lacey

Crime spree to fuel drug habit halted after Polair deployed

A MAN who went on a crime spree, in part to fund his heroin addiction, was released on parole after spending the past eight months behind bars.

Jaymes Anthony Alister Daly, 25, from Loganlea pleaded guilty to a total of 24 charges in Ipswich Magistrates Court including stealing, breaking and entering, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, dangerous operation of a vehicle, fraud and more.

Prosecutor Bronson Ballard said Daly's last appearance in court for similar offences was in 2014, after which a parole order expired in 2017, but his need to feed his drug habit had sent him "completely and utterly haywire" in August last year.

His defence lawyer Shane Elliott said Daly started using heroin last year and you "didn't need to be Einstein" to understand his motivations.

Daly has spent the past eight months in custody.

The court heard several businesses including a bottle shop, service station, convenience store and homeware shop were targeted before deflation devices on a wild police chase in November put a stop to his offending.

On October 24, Daly and another man entered the BWS at Creastmead at 2pm and walked into the cold room.

They took off with two cartons of Jack Daniels pre-mixed can and another carton of Bundaberg, valued at $282.

Daly was identified by CCTV.

The same day about 9.40pm, Daly visited Rosewood Service Station in a stolen black Toyota RAV4 car and forced entry to the closed business by smashing the sliding entry door.

He then stole a locked Chubb safe, $8000 worth of cigarettes and a cash register.

At 11.35pm, police conducting patrols on Underwood Rd, Rochedale noticed a dark SUV on the wrong side of the road and saw two people attempting to lift a safe into the rear of the vehicle.

As police approached it did a u-turn and took off at high speed without the safe.

Police seized the safe and identified blood on it. Witnesses told police they saw the car travelling at speed and the safe fall out of the vehicle on Underwood Rd, with two men jumping out of the vehicle to place it back in the car.

Forensic testing of the blood matched Daly's DNA.

On November 5, he drove into the Woolworths service station in Bellbird Park in a silver Ford Falcon and began pumping fuel with another man in tow.

Police conducting patrols of the area approached them but they jumped in the car and drove off at high speed with the fuel pump still in the car, causing it to snap off at the bowser.

Then at 9.30pm on November 10, police identified the silver Falcon, bearing stolen number plates, driving through Ipswich.

Polair tracked the vehicle and observed while it was travelling through Booval, it went through a red light.

Police set up tyre deflation devices to stop it.

The Falcon then crossed over to the wrong side of the road and drove against the flow of traffic before going through another red light.

Eventually Daly drove over a tyre deflation device and came to a stop on Boundary Rd, Wacol to flee on foot before being apprehended a short distance away.

In other incidents, he stole $124.94 worth of items from 7-Eleven Heathwood and a knife block worth $700 from Robins Kitchen in Chermside.

Magistrate David Shepherd noted Daly needed to seriously consider his future.

"You've got your life in front of you," he said.

"You don't dip your toe in the water (when offending)... you jump in head first.

"The community and people who work in the community, in particular emergency services... need to be protected from this kind of behaviour."

With his mother and siblings in court, Mr Shepherd said the landscaper needed to lean on his family for support.

Taking into account the 243 days already served, Mr Shepherd sentenced Daly to a 26 month sentence with an immediate parole release date and a parole period of 18 months.

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