THE BOYS: Cut Snake on tour will play at Magnums Hotel Tonight.
THE BOYS: Cut Snake on tour will play at Magnums Hotel Tonight.

Cut Snake check into Airlie

AUSTRALIAN dance music duo Cut Snake will bring the party to Magnums Hotel today, as part of their International tour that started in Surfers Paradise a week ago.

With an attitude of "It's about enjoying the moment and having a great time," the Gold Coast duo Paul Fisher (Fish) and Leigh Sedley (Sedz) are set to shake up the Airlie party scene this.

Professional surfers turned music icons, Cut Snake were childhood mates not short of banter, have an incredible dynamic and crazy chemistry on stage.

Fish is recognised as "one of the biggest personalities in the surfing industry," thanks to his wild personality and contagious laugh.

The dudes discovered their passion for underground dance music whilst touring the world as professional surfers.

Honing their music and production skills from beachfront bungalows, providing a fresh vibe to their shows unmatched by any other.

Sedz earned the nickname "mad scientist" as he is said to channel his huge passion for surfing into music production.

There style of music is described as "atmospheric and deep-leaning, suited to no one particular environment," but having grown up on the coast the pair are set to be right at home in the beach-side town of Airlie.

Cut Snake's antics caught on camera have amassed them a cult following in Australia and have given the duo an edge on US turf.

Now Australian expats living in America the duo have signed deals with Three Six Zero/ Warner Bros, so be sure to catch them while they're still on home soil.

The lads' edge, of course, is in teaching their audience how to take a break and have a drink or several.

Tickets available through OZTIX, don't kick yourself later for letting this event pass you by.



WHO: Cut Snake, supported by resident DJs

WHEN: Friday December 15, doors open at 9pm

WHERE: Magnums Hotel

COST: General admission starts from $12.25

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