Dad rapped for taking on bullies

AN IPSWICH dad has faced court after confronting bullies who relentlessly teased his daughter at school.

Ipswich Magistrates Court was told the man's daughter had been teased at her school after she was scarred in an accident.

But the 34-year-old father, who had no previous criminal history, took matters into his own hands after he saw his daughter's tormentor at a shopping centre.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Adam McDonald said the man received a phone call from his wife to say his daughter was being harassed at Riverlink shopping centre late last month.

When he picked up his daughter the girl pointed out three kids whom she said had bullied her.

He grabbed the bully by his shirt and said, “If you touch my daughter again I'll kill you”.

The juvenile then went to Karana Downs police station to complain about the assault.

The man pleaded guilty to common assault.

He was placed on a $300 good behaviour bond for one year.

Defence lawyer Alexis Oxley said her client was extremely remorseful for his actions but he was distressed about his daughter being a victim of bullying.

“There has been ongoing bullying between the complainant and his child,” Ms Oxley said.

“He understands there are other ways to deal with these types of issues.

“It does appear to be quite out of character for him.”

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said he accepted the man was not normally a violent person as he was 34 years old and had no prior criminal history.

But Mr McLaughlin told the father he should have dealt with the situation differently.

“I can understand the frustration of any parent whose child comes home from school and says they're being picked on and bullied,” Mr McLaughlin said.

“But there are other ways to sort these things out.”

Mr McLaughlin said he should have taken the problem to the school principal.

“You can't go assaulting people who are bullying your children,” he said.

“You can't appoint yourself as the enforcer.”

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