Daisy Ridley may have mucked up shooting for Star Wars

DAISY Ridley may have dyed her face yellow.

The 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' actress was trying a new skincare routine but now fears she has ruined filming for the science fiction sequel as she was too "liberal with the turmeric".

Speaking in an Instagram video, she said: "So I'm having a slight mare. I may have been slightly liberal with the turmeric. Now I have dyed my hands yellow and I have filming tomorrow ... and it's not Minions 2. It's Star Wars Episode VIII. So, I'll keep you posted. Because this could either be a really bad thing, or a really good thing. And I'm going to say it's a good thing."

In a caption attached to the video, she wrote: "I scrubbed my face and I am YELLOW! Ahahahahaha. Will have to see if I'm a squeaky clean clear skinned goddess in the morning... #wishmeluck #forrealsfloraimsosorryifimstillyellowinthemorning #benmorrisyoutoo. (sic)"

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old actress previously admitted she "hates" wearing make-up but feels she can't step outside without any on because of her endometriosis, a condition where body tissue sheds like the inside of a womb.

Writing previously, she explained: "At 15 I was diagnosed with endometriosis. One laparoscopy, many consultations and 8 years down the line, pain was back (more mild this time!) and my skin was THE WORST. I've tried everything: products, antibiotics, more products, more antibiotics) and all that did was left my body in a bit of a mess.

"Finally found out I have polycycstic ovaries and that's why it's bad. I can safely say feeling so self conscious has left my confidence in tatters. I hate wearing make up but I currently don't want to leave the house without it on. HOWEVER PROGRESS IS BEING MADE! (With some help from a dermatologist and cutting out dairy (waah, except for spontaneous ice creams) and cutting down sugar (bigger waah but gotta do what you've gotta do)). Finally. Finally. (sic)"

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