Daredevil racoon takes internet by storm

WATCH: Racoon breaks internet with death-defying climb

A DAREDEVIL raccoon has taken the internet storm after the brave mammal attempted to scale a skyscraper in the US.

The Evel Knievel of the raccoon-world stunned onlookers when it began to climb one of the tallest buildings in Minnesota - the UBS tower.

Showing no fear, the animal, clinging to barely nothing, inched its way up the side of the building to the cheers, and screams of fear from locals.

In video of the incident, the racoon can be seen nearly 61 metres up in its climb before it takes a rest on a window ledge.

The climb has quickly sparked interest on social media with people around the world tuning in using the hastag #MPRRacoon - a reference to MRP News, the local radio station which helped break the news.

But what should happen if the raccoon reaches the top?

Well, like any outlaw daredevil, the authorities - in this instance, the city's department of safety inspections - will be on waiting to apprehend the criminal.

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