Garth Burnup.
Garth Burnup. Ross Irby

Dick prosecutes pecker peep show at school reunion

IT WAS a wild willy moment when a former high school student pulled out his pecker then laid the tool and other bits up against the glass door in full view of hotel patrons and the bartender.

It drew the wrath of the hotel manager, the bartender's 52-year-old dad.

An Ipswich court heard in a get-together of old school classmates, Garth Burnup pulled his penis and testicles out of his pants then pressed the whole kaboodle up against the glass of the door to the public bar.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said the incident took place in the Bottletree Hotel at Glamorgan.

Minutes later Burnup assaulted hotel manager Allan Wilson with a headbutt after he complained about Burnup exposing his "old fella".

Gartholemew Liam Burnup, 27, from Lowood, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to assault on October 27, l; and wilful exposure.

"It was 11.40pm on Saturday and he had been in the main bar area and was walking out through a door with a glass panel," Sgt Dick said.

"He stood and removed his penis and testicles, pressing them against the glass panel. Clearly visible to patrons.

"CCTV captured this. He put his penis and testicles back inside his pants, walked outside."

Sgt Dick said the hotel manager walked outside to where Burnup was standing with other people, saying "I hope you don't think you're coming back in".

Burnup asked why.

"You just had your old fella out," Mr Wilson said.

"I'll do what I like," said Burnup.

"Not around here you won't," Mr Wilson said.

Sgt Dick said Burnup then put down a can of drink, took a step away from Mr Wilson and appeared (on CCTV) to be held by another person.

Then "lurches forward" and head-butts Mr Walker making contact with his left eye.

"It was bone on bone, caused him (Mr Walker) immediate pain," Sgt Dick said.

"A scuffle ensued and then he recognised Burnup as being an old friend of his son. He told him to leave."

Sgt Dick said Burnup had no prior criminal offending.

Defence lawyer Mathew Tyrrell said Burnup, an apprentice diesel fitter was extremely remorseful and embarrassed by his behaviour.

"He was extremely intoxicated, no excuse but puts it in context as to why he is now in court with no history," he said.

"He instructs that at the time it was very shortly to be closed. And that there were only three friends, patrons inside who were in a sense egging him on."

He said when the manager's daughter, the bartender, walked around a corner Burnup immediately covered up.

Mr Tyrrell sought for no conviction to be recorded as it may jeopardise his future employment.

Magistrate David Shepherd said the hotel manager was entitled to manage what was going on in his hotel.

Noting his prior good record, Mr Shepherd said it could be regarded as an isolated drunken incident.

"Your conduct to Mr Wilson was entirely unacceptable. I accept that you are remorseful," Mr Shepherd said.

"I am confident the court is unlikely to see you again."

Mr Shepherd fined Burnup $750. A conviction was not recorded.

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