Dingoes on the attack

PET owners are being encouraged to secure their pets at night time following a number of dingo and wild dog attacks.

Last Tuesday two maltese terriers were killed on Plants Whitsunday land by dingoes.

One was killed in broad daylight and the other was killed at night time.

Owners of the dogs Matt and Julie Stokes and their young children Jackson and Sylvie were obviously attached to their pets and are now urging residents to be very mindful.

“You can hear them,” Mrs Stokes said.

“It’s no good when dogs are getting attacked on your own land.

“Hopefully Council will be able to do something.”

Mrs Stokes added that there have been other attacks recently in the area.

Orchid Valley Vet Surgery Nurse Caz Jarvis pleaded with dog owners to be very careful.

“Lock up your animals at night time,” she said.

“Be aware that these things are around at the moment.”

Small children are also of concern when these animals are about according to the vet nurse.

Meanwhile residents are being encouraged to ensure their pets wear a microchip. A cat at Orchid Valley surgery has been without an owner for two months. For more information call the surgery on 4946 1631.

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