Time for mass resignations says Doctors' Union

UPDATE: The Doctors' Union is urging them not to simply accept Health Minister Lawrence Springborg's extension of an olive branch in the contracts' debacle and says it is now time for "mass resignations".

The Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF) wrote to doctors, including Nambour anesthetist Alan Millard, yesterday saying it was time for a "mass resignation strategy".

"The fact that the Health Minister has come to the negotiation table is a good sign, however there's still a very long way to go yet - and his attempts have come very late," ASMOF advised.

ASMOF included a resignation letter in the email, advising doctors it didn't mean "resigning on the spot".

"Rather, it's a process of showing the State Government just how many doctors in the state would rather leave the system than sign up to a contract that strips you and your patients of basic rights," it said.

The "Resignation Strategy" will then unfold at a meeting at the Pineapple Hotel in Brisbane tonight, which is expected to be attended by about 1000 doctors.


Doctors wary as deal nears

A RESOLUTION to the contracts debacle threatening to cripple Sunshine Coast hospitals appears to be "within grasp".

Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton said the issue, which could have seen many senior Sunshine Coast doctors leave the public service, was close to being resolved.

The breakthrough came late on Monday when Health Minister Lawrence Springborg turned up at a meeting between the Health Director General and the AMA.

"The minister coming to the meeting was the circuit breaker," Dr Hambleton said.

Mr Springborg's spokesman said an "addendum" to the contract had been drawn up to address key issues.

However, doctors are not yet celebrating and will wait for tonight's meeting at the Pineapple Hotel in Brisbane to hear the full detail.

Nambour Hospital anesthetist Dr Alan Millard, who has been passionately arguing for change to the contracts, said it would hinge on "what the AMA lawyer says".


  •  The Director-General's powers to alter contracts without agreement has been limited.
  •  Senior Medical Officers will now be able to access the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission if they believe they have been unfairly dismissed.
  •  Rostering will no longer be able to be changed without consultation or agreement, with a negotiation process available.
  •  Key performance indicators will be developed by agreement with the SMO and the Health Service.
  •  SMOs will be able to have an industrial advocate involved in contract discussions.

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