The album cover of DZ Deathrays’ latest record 'Bloody Lovely'.
The album cover of DZ Deathrays’ latest record 'Bloody Lovely'.

DZ Deathrays to donate all Townsville show profits to flood relief

In the middle of a massive national tour, one of the state's most successful rock acts have announced a little something special for the people of Townsville.

DZ Deathrays will take the stage at the Dalrymple Hotel next Friday, with all profits from their Townsville show to be donated to GIVIT to support the victims of the city's catastrophic floods.

Speaking to the Bulletin just hours ahead of the premiere of their latest single Front Row Hustle, drummer Simon Ridley said the band was last in Townsville just a few years ago and wanted to do their bit to help out.

"It sounds like it's been terrible up there and a lot of people have been really heavily affected," Ridley said.

"We've been up to Townsville before, a few times, and everyone's been good to us so why not try and return the favour."

DZ Deathrays' 'Tour with the Lot' is currently in full swing, covering a fair chunk of the country with stacks of regional dates.

Ridley said it was great to play for new audiences, or at venues the band hadn't visited for some time.

"Shane (Parsons, vocalist/guitarist) and I grew up together in Bundaberg, so we didn't get a lot of shows coming through there," he said.

"We'd get the odd one that would come up, but it means heaps especially to young aspiring musicians to go and see bands in regional towns. Sometimes there's not a lot to do.

"Places like Townsville, you guys do have a small music scene going on, but for Bundaberg it was vapid, man. There was nothing up there. Whenever a band would come through, it would be a huge ordeal and it would be super inspiring and just fun, something out of the ordinary."

For the record, the band won't be stopping off in Bundaberg as part of the Tour with the Lot, but Ridley assured fans they'd make it back one day.

Two huge up-and-comers will join DZs in Townsville next week, with alternative four-piece Moaning Lisa and central Queensland punk rockers Pandamic supporting the headliners around Queensland.

"We just like their music, that's what it came down to," Ridley said of the collaboration.

"Moaning Lisa put out a killer EP, and the Pandamic dudes, I think we have done a show with them before, but just musically we pick bands that we want to see live and that we like."

With international tour dates later in 2019 and a new album on the cards before the end of the year, Ridley said there were no plans for the band to slow down.

"We're just going to keep touring and putting out records, that's all that's on the horizon really," he said.

"When we first started the band, a lot of our friends went through uni and then got jobs and then could afford to go and travel.

"For us, this is kind of like our vehicle now to travel and see the world, so whenever we get the opportunity to just go and play in different places that we've never been to or that we like, we always jump at it."

Catch DZ Deathrays at the Dalrymple Hotel on Friday, March 8. Grab your tickets from Oztix.

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