Ella Sinclair is dreaming of meeting her hero Taylor Swift backstage at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday.
Ella Sinclair is dreaming of meeting her hero Taylor Swift backstage at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday. Warren Lynam

Ella’s living in hope of meeting Taylor Swift

ELLA Sinclair's lungs have taken a battering, but her pop idol Taylor Swift inspired her to use them to bring joy to her life.

Eleven-year-old Ella suffers from cystic fibrosis but can always muster up the strength to belt out her favourite Swifty tune - Fearless.

Ella will be in the Suncorp Stadium audience for her third Tay Tay concert on Saturday, but the bubbly youngster has put it out to the universe that her dream of meeting her idol backstage might come true.

Ella's mum Rosalie said Swift had been a role model for Ella, who saw her live for the first time three years ago.

"The whole experience was absolutely overwhelming," Rosalie said.

"Ever since she saw her live, it sparked an interest in performing because she saw what's possible in life and where you can go with music.

"Now she absolutely lives for singing. She's singing in the shower, in the car, around the house - it's non-stop."

Ella recently played the lead role of the Australian premiere of the musical Annie Warbucks at the Nambour Civic Centre and takes every opportunity available to perform or hone her skills.

After Rosalie sent several letters to concert promoters with no reply, Cystic Fibrosis Queensland and the Sunshine Coast Daily jumped on board, championing the hashtag #ellameetstaylor in the hope it may snare the attention of the pop star, who is renowned for connecting with her fans on a personal level whenever she can.

But time is quickly running out. The Brisbane concert starts at 6pm on Saturday.

CFQ marketing manager Richard Smith said making the dream a reality had been "a real challenge" and they were not there yet.

"She is such a cool kid and we'd love to make this happen for her," he said.

"Ella really highlights the key thing about cystic fibrosis in that she looks really healthy but she does go in and out of hospital and has an uncertain future because of the disease.

"Despite the fact that Ella looks well now, the condition is debilitating and we want her to have this life-transforming experience."

Rosalie said they had been fortunate that Ella had remained in "pretty good" health.

"She keeps herself pretty motivated to stay well and loves to dance, play tennis, and swim on top of her singing," she said.

"We are really strict with her physio and drug routines as well.

"She has been lucky to have been as well as she has for so long."

But even during a bad health episode, which came in the lead-up to one of her concert performances, Ella was a firm believer that the show must always go on.

She took a CD player into hospital and practised her stage routine in the court yard.

She was discharged just before the concert night and still managed a stellar performance.

So it's time for the community to get behind our little champion.

Spread #ellameetstaylor far and wide and let's try to make this dream come true.

For more information about CFQ, visit http://www.cfqhero.com.

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