Ex-lover: 'I was always scared'

THE ex-lover of the local Rebels bikies president called a lawyer a "smart-arse" during her cross-examination and later ran from the courtroom to vomit.

Georgia Anderson took the witness stand yesterday against her former lover Adam McCrea and his fellow bikies, Mark Berghofer, Sean Foster, Gary Hyland and Peter Hill, who are facing extortion charges.

The committal hearing at the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court had no shortage of drama, with Ms Anderson arguing, laughing and yawning during the proceedings and then running from the room yelling that she was going to be sick.

When questioned about her health, she told the court she had been sick for "a couple of months" but then pressed on with her testimony.

Ms Anderson told the court she now hated McCrea, with whom she had an 18-month relationship even though he was married.

"I was always scared of him, to an extent," she said.

"I didn’t know what he was going to do."

The 30-year-old sat behind a protective screen in the court so the five defendants could not look at her as she gave evidence.

At one stage McCrea tilted his head, appearing to stare at her from around the side of the screen.

Several times during the woman’s testimony McCrea could be seen shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

The court was told that the Rebels fronted up to Empire Body Piercing in Maryborough in December and threatened its owners, Khristopher and Emma Bust.

Ms Anderson said the men were wearing their colours and trying to intimidate the Busts because McCrea thought they were taking business from his tattoo shop in Hervey Bay.

"They intimidate people, that’s what they do," she said.

Ms Anderson alleged that after the Maryborough business was destroyed by fire in February, McCrea went to her house, where he seemed on edge and nervous.

"He said ‘I had nothing to do with it; I was at home’," Ms Anderson said.

"Then he leaned over and said: ‘They didn’t heed their first warning’ and winked at me."

Ms Anderson, who described herself as "Adam’s sidekick", said she was with the men when they went to Empire Body Piercing.

She alleges McCrea threatened a male friend of the Busts, saying he’d "kick his head around like a soccer ball" and that Hyland told the Busts "they’d just signed their own death card" when they said they would still open the business.

The court heard from another witness, Courtney Ward, that McCrea had threatened to throw the Busts through the window of their shop.

Ms Anderson called McCrea’s defence lawyer, Rick Taylor, a "smart-arse" because he "kept interrupting" her.

She also burst into fits of laughter several times during the proceedings and told the court she "didn’t want to be there".

The hearing, which began in August, will continue today with another six witnesses still to give evidence.

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