Family overwhelmed

Young Logan Wells in Brisbane this week with his mum Lisa, dad Garth and baby sister Sienna.
Young Logan Wells in Brisbane this week with his mum Lisa, dad Garth and baby sister Sienna.

THE family of Logan Wells are absolutely overwhelmed by the level of support they have received from the Whitsunday community since his diagnosis with a rare form of cancer.

Speaking from Brisbane this week, Logan's mother, Lisa, said she did not know how the family would have coped from the start without the support of family and friends.

She said it all happened so quickly.

From "Mummy my ear hurts” to a cancer diagnosis was about three weeks.

When Maz McDougall first mentioned to the family that she would like to organise a fundraiser, Lisa said no.

“I was not in favour of it,” she said.

“We are a very private family and I knew that this would change everything.”

She said it soon became evident that it was out of my hands and that this is something that the community really wanted to do for the family,' she said.

“We were humbled and amazed. Logan was excited about it.

“So we thank Maz, Sarah and all the beautiful people who donated so much time and effort for our little boy.”

Lisa remains in Brisbane with Logan and said she often feels a world away.

“The fund raiser has made us realise that we are only a heart beat away,” she said.

“There are so many businesses and organisations to thank for their amazing generosity. Garth and I will be in touch personally to say our heart felt thanks. You are amazing.

“We feel so proud to live in such an amazing town with such amazing people.”

She said there were far too many people and businesses who she wanted to thank but far too many to list in the paper.

“It goes way beyond a dollar value to our family,” she said.

“The gesture speaks louder than words.

“If we could get Logan better based on good will and wishes alone, he would be the healthiest boy around.”

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