Female teacher had sex with ex-student

A FEMALE teacher had a sexual relationship with a male student soon after he left her high school, and discussed her own breast-enhancement surgery with other students.


The teacher, then in her late 20s, lifted her top to expose her sports bra to students, spray-tanned students at their homes and at school, and discussed parties she had attended.

She also asked students for advice about her boyfriends, and told them about a time when she was in a physical altercation at a bar while drunk.

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal found the teacher had an inappropriate relationship with a male student that developed into a sexual one soon after he left school.

During 2015, while on a school trip, the teacher played with or braided the student's hair while he sat between her legs.

On another occasion the student was invited to the teacher's home and had dinner with her and her flatmates.

Later that year, after the student had left the school, the teacher spent the day with him in the countryside and she took him to the cinema to watch a Star Wars movie.

She also took him to a church Christmas production, introducing him as her boyfriend, and they kissed each other at a New Year's Eve party at her home, the tribunal heard.

In January 2016 the teacher took the ex-student to a church baptism, and they publicly held hands.

After a farewell dinner for the teacher, she met the ex-student at a nightclub, where they played with each other's hair and kissed each other on the neck and lips.

When the teacher went to fly overseas for a 12-month trip to the UK and Europe, she and the former student held hands and kissed at the airport.

The ex-student later travelled to London and the pair met up and were physically intimate, the tribunal heard.

The tribunal accepted that the teacher, now 32, who was employed as a teacher at the school from 2010 until her suspension in January 2016, was remorseful about her conduct.

The tribunal ordered that she was not to apply for registration for three years from the date of her suspension, and had to first provide a detailed psychologist's report addressing various ethical issues.

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