Feed your skin some festive treats and it will thank you for it.
Feed your skin some festive treats and it will thank you for it. Contributed

Festive skin fest at your fingers

IT'S the time of year to revel in plentiful supplies of good food, and thankfully the traditional Christmas menu has plenty of skin-loving properties.

But if you're not over-indulging, there's a Santa's sack worth of products inspired by seasonal fare to help feed, brighten and nourish your skin.

"We love to use beautiful ingredients in our products and find great inspiration from lovely seasonal foods such as cranberries and satsumas (mandarins)," says Helen Ambrosen, co-founder and product inventor of Lush.

Whether you want to eat the real thing or indulge in the beauty alternative to save on Christmas calories, here's how to reap the benefits of your favourite festive foods.

Stocking sensations

Traditionalists will always appreciate a stocking stuffed with time-honoured yuletide treats.

Satsumas, usually found lurking in the toe of stockings, are a popular festive fruit celebrated for their refreshing and uplifting beauty properties.

And let's not forget the oranges which spice up mulled wine.

Made with a blend of mandarin oil, try Lush's festive Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic, (www.lush.com.au), to add some zest to your Christmas bathing.

If chocolate coins and candy canes are your stocking vice, give yourself a break from sweet treats and grab a handful of nuts instead, says Fiona Hunter, Simple skincare's nutritionist.

"They're stuffed full of essential fatty acids and vitamin E to help improve skin elasticity, preventing fine lines and wrinkles," Fiona says.

Dinner table delights

When it comes to sitting down for turkey and all the trimmings, you'll find plenty of beauty-friendly ingredients on your plate - including your meat feast.

"A 100g serving of turkey contains almost 75 per cent of an adult's Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of protein," Fiona explains.

"Protein is important for the manufacture of collagen - the main structural component in the dermis, one of the lower layers of the skin and essential for keeping the skin toned and supple."

Festive treats

Not many people can keep their paws out of the chocolate tin at Christmas, but if you want to indulge and benefit your skin, go for the dark stuff.

"Satisfy your cravings with dark chocolate, which contains a group of phytochemicals called flavanols which can help protect the skin from damage by free radicals that are known to cause wrinkles and ageing," Fiona says.

Bathe in the stuff instead with N-Spa Indulgent Chocolate Waffle Bath Syrup, 3 (Asda).

Summer berries like blueberries and raspberries are one to watch in the fruit bowl if you fancy a sweet treat that gives benefits in return.

"Berries are bursting in antioxidants which help to strengthen the walls of tiny blood vessels and can help prevent thread veins and keep skin looking radiant and youthful," she says.

Slather your skin with berry goodness using Burt's Bees Bee Pampered Spa Set, crammed with juicy cranberry and pomegranate extracts.

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