Flood damage tenders awarded outside region

THE tenders for what is believed to be about $9million in flood damage work were awarded to companies from outside the region at a special Whitsunday Regional Council meeting on Tuesday.

Whitsunday mayor Jennifer Whitney said it was "most unfortunate" that local companies were unsuccessful in their bids for the work but she said tenders were all assessed on the same basis with the same methodology applied.

"All the tenders were evaluated by two independent people and one Council officer and what Council's looked at is the best value for money taking into consideration any risks for variations that might expose Council to further costs," she said.

Managing Director of AllCiv Cicvil Contractors Brett Thiele said his was one of the local companies whose tenders were rejected.

"Governments at all levels have a responsibility to create an economic environment within their zone of influence in which small to medium businesses can grow and stimulate the economy [but] what the Council has done here is proven themselves to be anti-local," Mr Thiele said.

"They say all the tenders were treated equally, but I don't agree with that - we were the cheapest on at least one of the packages but for some reason they chose to award that to an organisation outside the region and no-one within Council is willing to explain to me why that's the case," he said.

"When they put up their rates and their levies they need to think about how people are going to pay them [and] I think they have failed not only us but the 35 people we have working for us and all of the subcontractors."

Cr Whitney said she would like Council to run a workshop to provide feedback to those locals who were unsuccessful.

"Because there is a desire for Council to work with local [companies], but obviously it has to be in the best interests of the community," she said.

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