Warren Brewer at the Saleyards Hotel which is still being fitted out before reopening in the near future.
Warren Brewer at the Saleyards Hotel which is still being fitted out before reopening in the near future. Chris Ison ROK170717csaleyards1

Forget Bundy, get me a glass of this Capricorn Rum

MONTHS of hard work are finally beginning to show for Warren and Caitie Brewer.

The owners of Rockhampton's Saleyards Distillery have seen their first products hit shelves this month.

With six major partners in the Distillery, the pair have joined with Sydney based friend and co-owner, Andy Leonard to create unique Central Queensland liquors in the form of gin and spiced rum.

With construction on the bar in full swing, Warren and Andy said pumping out the two liquors to the public was the first step in creating a well-known name for the local distillery.

"We are producing gin and spiced young rum and we are very excited about the products that we've got and they're finally available for purchase,” Andy said.

"So we're pumping through more gin and rum, that's all hands on deck and now we're finishing off the final touches inside the bar. Well I really shouldn't say the final touches, there's a bit more to go then that,” Warren laughed.


  • To get your hands on Capricorn Spiced Rum or Billy Goats Gin visit www.saleyardsdistillery.com
  • Or check out the Lakes Creek Hotel, Vue Wine Bar or Star Liquor in Yeppoon
  • The two products will also be available in local BWS shops in the near future as well.
  • The gin will set you back $65 and the rum $58

Andy first jumped on board the distillery project with Warren and Caitie when they found the location last year.

"We looked at the opportunity and thought we would love to come in too, but we only wanted to come in if we could bring something into the business,” Andy explained.

"What we bought to the business was gin distilling which is something we have always had a passion for and with the gin recipe we spent about six months coming up with one that was right.

"We obviously wanted a gin that was mainstream enough that people recognised it as gin but different enough to make it interesting, something people haven't tasted before.”

Warren wanted the same feel that was put into the making of the Billy Goats Gin to transfer across to the Capricorn Spiced Rum.

"The rum is a spiced rum that is made with Central Queensland molasses from down around the Burnett area,” he said.

"It's aged five months in a mix of European and American oak and then spiced with all natural spices.

"It tastes absolutely amazing, completely different to a lot of other spiced rums because there is no sugar added.”

While there is a big focus on distributing the rum and gin locally Warren and Andy have focused on expanding their business label down south.

"We are busy getting the products out into various bars and bottle shops to start with and then we will be bringing them to other cities. At the moment we can be found in Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Sydney and Canberra,” Andy said.

"We are looking at increasing our production and getting a really good boutique and small batch and hand made product into the market because both products have had really great response from people.

"So hopefully we will be available at all good bars and bottle shops across the country before long.”

Andy said the Saleyards Distillery would also be looking for a full-time manager for the bar and cafe in the near future and to "watch this space” if interested.

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