HAPPY STAFF: At Morgan’s Fish Market and Take Away in North Mackay are Kelly Morgan and Trish Tait.
HAPPY STAFF: At Morgan’s Fish Market and Take Away in North Mackay are Kelly Morgan and Trish Tait. Lee Constable

Fresh fish and chips brings home gold in state awards

MORGAN'S Fish Market and Takeaway has been rewarded for its quality with a state award.

As one of three finalists in the Queensland Seafood Industry Awards 2015, the North Mackay outlet scored first place for its fish and chips.

Owner Kelly Morgan said it was a humbling experience, after opening up shop four years ago.

"When I first started, I was on my own," she said.

"I used to sit under a mango tree selling my husband's catch (and) now I have a staff of 22."

Now she manages two stores, and said the quality of the product came down to her team and cooking secrets.

"Fresh fish is the basis of good fish and chips, and then we have our own recipes," she said.

"Unless you've got perfect fresh-caught fish to start with, you've got nothing really."

"What it really is, is starting with the freshest possible local Queensland fish."

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Everything sold through Morgan's Fish market is regionally based, bought and caught, she said.

"It's a wonderful recognition of our support of commercial fishermen of Queensland," Mrs Morgan said. "Without them I would have nothing."

"I unload boats almost daily at the harbour. I chop the fish, we even make all our own cutlets, we make our own potato scallops and we make our own salt and pepper squid."

Mrs Morgan will join Mackay's other award winning finalist, Debbie's Seafood, to run for the nation's best local fish and chip takeaway outlet.

"Coming to a shop like mine, (people are) getting their fair share of what is rightfully theirs. Every Queenslander has a right to eat fresh local seafood," Mrs Morgan said.

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