Toowoomba rallies behind Rosie in second cancer battle

CANCER will not defeat Rosie Kent, not the first time and definitely not the second.

In March last year, doctors gave Ms Kent the all-clear, victory in round one of her battle with blood cancer Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Round two was never on the cards.

Despite getting hit with the same symptoms as before, the thought it could be cancer didn't enter her mind.


"I had a niggling cough, but it was April in Toowoomba... I'm 31, fit, healthy, not a smoker. I couldn't have cancer again - that's crazy talk."

Two tumours on her lungs confirmed it was back and soon she was snatched from her normal happy life in Toowoomba and thrown back into a nauseating routine of treatment.

She has moved to Brisbane temporarily to undergo chemotherapy, three-week cycles which have left her weak and sick but still "Rosie".

"The chemo has knocked me for six; it smashes everything you've got.

"It is tough on the morale - why are we coming back here?

"It's proven to be a strong cancer in me. But I keep saying don't let it defeat you."

Thankfully, it's not a battle she has to face alone.

Classic Recruitment's pretty and smiling consultant has an army of friends and colleagues who have stepped in to help boost morale.

The Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Future Leaders group, which Ms Kent has been involved with for the past few years, raised more than $10,000 to help her through the tough time.

Held at Fitzy's Tapestry Bar "Raise your Hand for Rosie" was organised by Future Leaders Chair and Rosie's friend Mark Cecil.

"Rosie Kent has been a pillar of strength for the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Future Leaders Committee over a number of years," Mr Cecil said.

"Rosie is always the first to volunteer, jump in and lend a hand no matter what is being asked of her.

"She has already battled cancer once and did so with a smile on her face and a steely determination.

"She is now facing another major challenge having been diagnosed with cancer for a second time and having to move to Brisbane for treatment.

"Raise your Hand for Rosie was about showing how much we love, support and care about this amazing woman."

Rosie Kent.
Rosie Kent. Kevin Farmer

Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce vice-president Joy Mingay, who has worked with Rosie for a number of years, has been overwhelmed by the community's level of support and generosity.

"We have raised over $10,000 to help Rosie get through this tough time. This is yet another amazing example of the great community in which we live and how, when times are tough, we band together to help one of our own," Mrs Mingay said.

Donations are still welcome for Raise your Hand for Rosie. Simply contact the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce on 4638 0400.

Ms Kent was overwhelmed by the support.

"I'm so thankful I have such a wonderful network around me. I couldn't get through it without them."

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