GOOD GOAT: The Jimbo and Gary the Goat Comedy Show is coming to Magnums Hotel on November 25.
GOOD GOAT: The Jimbo and Gary the Goat Comedy Show is coming to Magnums Hotel on November 25.

Gary the Goat and Jimbo at Magnums

JIMBO Bazoobi is a blue and bawdy stand-up comedian specialising in the lost art of the Aussie vernacular.

A true gypsy of the outback, Jimbo has played more than 1000 shows nationally during his 20 odd laps around the country.

And this month he is coming to Magnums Hotel.

Back in 2011, he bought a goat he named Gary for a carton of Emu Bitter, not realising the wonderful twists and turns his life would take from that moment on.

When Gary got busted for eating vegetation in Sydney, media from around the world jumped on the novelty of the story.

This however, wouldn't be the last people would hear of Jimbo and Gary.

While travelling around and putting on comedy shows, Jimbo started documenting his travels with Gary and putting the videos on social media.

One part Alby Mangels, one part Rodney Rude, one part Skippy - they reflect a true story of mateship, adventure and laughs.

And they hit a nerve too; the videos started going viral and clocking up millions of views all over the globe.

With hilarious narration and an intimate insight into the Australian landscape and culture, these short films (shot on the smell of an oily rag) will one day provide a time capsule of what Australia was really like over the last few years.

The videos also had one other knock-on effect, they turned Gary into the most famous goat on earth.

Now with 1.7 million Facebook followers and growing, Gary the Goat is a celebrity and there is huge interest from the public for Jimbo to bring his comedy and his best mate Gary to a venue near them.

Now Gary has recovered from his toe operation, that time has come.

Jimbo and Gary the Goat are together again and not to be missed at Magnums.


WHAT: The Jimbo & Gary the Goat Comedy Show

WHERE: Magnums Hotel

WHEN: November 25

COST: Through Oxtix, $39.80

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