ELECTRIC Horse began with a few light-hearted beers and laughs.

The Gold Coast boys played in various bands and caught up occasionally guitarist Luke Attrill said.

"We figured that was a good basis for a band so we added instruments to the mix and here we are," he said.

"Rock and roll ain't complicated."

For them, the band and the music is a celebration of their radical lives.

This week, Attrill, who describes himself as old enough to die young, shares insight into the lives of this catchy, captivating alternative rock band.


Q - Tell me about electric horse - how would you describe your music?

This band is a stress free good time. No liabilities, no B.S, no rules or expectations, completely about the means and not the ends. Personally, I feel that comes across in the music. It's a celebration rather than an introspective statement. The five of us have rad lives, the tunes are an homage to that.

Q - Tell me about Venomous - what influenced the album?

It was time to get a record out, we didn't premeditate anything, it was a natural flow of ideas and the result is something we're very proud of. Musically speaking the album was influenced by everything from rock to country to blues to metal to folk to reggae… pretty much the whole gamut of styles. Any music or artistic creation carried out with intent and conviction is pure inspiration.

Q - Do you all work full time in other fields? If so what?

Si. Retail, warehousing/dispatch, web design, screen printing, guitar tuition. Kickin' ass for the working class!

Q - How does this affect your band?

Money's never an issue. Rehearsal time is limited so more valued/productive and being on the road is pretty much like being on holiday for us.

Q - Any specific challenges trying to maintain your band or image?

None, what you hear and see is what you get. When you're young you tend to cater to certain demographics and in the process, compromise your craft for that purpose. It can give the music a slightly contrived element. Kind of similar to lying and having to remember your story all the time, it's a lot of work and wears you out. We prefer to just be what we are and keep it real. However, you have to look good so eating well, regular exercise and a good wardrobe are essential haha.

Q - What's the best part about being a part of electric horse?

The comradery, the freedom and above all else the tunes!

Q - What's been your best 'band-life' highlight?

Too many to name, this album being an accurate representation of who we are collectively and individually as musicians is definitely one of them.

Q - Do brothers Jason and Dane fight much?

No fights, all love. They're far too level headed and lovely to resort to bitching.

Q - What's your response to Chaos Cartel's comment? "Electric Horse maybe the silent giant Australian music needs, and may emerge to be the missing puzzle piece to fill an empty void that Silverchair had left. - 9/10"

Killer! Gotta love positive feedback haha. We're not looking to fill holes though.

Q - Where do you want to be in five years?

Not too far departed from where we are now, although having the music thing outweigh the work stuff would be awesome. Per chance to dream.

Q - What can Gladstone crowds expect when you play at El Grande Festival?

Five handsome, well rehearsed, sharp dressed, good Aussie blokes playing sexy rock n roll tunes like nothing else. Stretch up and wear a poncho Gladstone!

Band members

  • Jason Brown, vocals
  • Scott Jackman, guitar
  • Cory Absell, bass
  • Dane Brown, drums
  • Luke Attrill, guitar

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