OUR SAY: Girl’s attack charge truly shocking

NO matter how much you've seen or done in your life, it's impossible not to be shocked by claims a 12-year-old Caboolture girl tried to kill a classmate.

While the allegation is still a long way from being proved true or false, it defies belief that a young girl could attack someone with the objective of ending their life.


Twelve-year-old girls are supposed to be sharing make-up, watching rubbish television and falling in love with boy bands.

They are not supposed to be attacking people and trying to kill them.

So why do we live in a world where this is even possible?

Can we blame it on television violence? Video games? The breakdown of the family unit? The fact we live in a world where terrorists gun people down at rock concerts?

When you're 12 years of age, the finality of death is, thankfully, still one of life's mysteries. Only later do you begin to understand how permanent it is.

The saving grace in the Caboolture situation is that whatever the young girl did or didn't do, no one has lost their life as a result.

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