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Grandma jailed after CCTV bust in business safe robbery

A GLADSTONE grandmother has been jailed for her involvement in the break-in of a real estate agency and theft of a safe.

Machele June Patricia Fraser had used up all of her chances by the time she fronted Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday and pleaded guilty to several offences including enter premises and commit indictable offence, use of a carriage service to harass and possession of a radar device.

Fraser and her co-accused were detected by CCTV footage in the break-and-enter of a real estate agency in Miles on October 3, 2018.

The group used a screw driver to break the glass and unlock the door from inside.

Inside the group found a large safe. The court was told the group used a pallet jack, wheelie bin and trolley to move the item to Fraser's car which was parked nearby.

The court was told the group was unable to load the safe into the car and fled the scene. CCTV footage helped police track down the group.

On October 11 Fraser had another visit from police after she made threats to a woman over Facebook.

The 52-year-old was later intercepted by police on February 22, 2019 at Bororen and was detected with a speed radar in the glovebox department.

Fraser's lawyer said her client had a history of drug issues and at the time of the break-and-enter she was under the influence of drugs.

The lawyer also said Fraser's Facebook post was "made out of frustration" and in response to a woman who had apparently spread rumours about Fraser.

The court was told Fraser posted: "Apparently I'm back in jail hey lol (laugh out loud), well I'm not yet, but by the time I'm done with her I will be."

Fraser's lawyer asked Magistrate Dennis Kinsella to consider a penalty where the grandmother would not have to spend any time in jail.

Magistrate Kinsella said he could not agree with the submission given Fraser's "appalling criminal history".

"She has had more chances than I have had hot dinners," he said.

"You (Fraser) have an unenviable criminal history with multiple property entries. You have been given all types of sentencing options and most importantly you have been the subject of parole."

Magistrate Kinsella said he did not accept the lawyer's submission that Fraser was "late to the party" in the business break-in.

"You had an integral role," he said.

He said although Fraser had been the subject of "inappropriate commentary" on Facebook, her response "went too far".

Magistrate Kinsella imposed a 12-month jail sentenced with parole eligibility on July 3, 2019.

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