Group plans next move

AFTER causing a bit of a stir at last Wednesday's Council meeting, the group campaigning against Council's decision to purchase 95 hectares of land in Mt Marlow for a future sports park is plotting its next move.

At the forefront of the movement is former chair of the Whitsunday Open Space and Recreational Advisory Committee (OSRAC), Peter Chengody.

Mr Chengody addressed last Wednesday's council meeting, imploring Councillors to put a stop to their negotiations with the owners of the land, a group known as Havengrand.

Mr Chengody is realistic enough to know his impassioned plea had probably fallen on deaf ears but he and many others who disagree with Council's decision, are refusing to rest until they see some kind of reaction.

“We're not planning any radical steps but we're working on a petition and contemplating some kind of march,” Mr Chengody said.

“I'm still not sure where we'll go from there although we do plan to make deputations to certain ministries and to our local member.”

Mr Chengody said he had already dropped a letter into Member for Whitsunday Jan Jarratt's office but had not yet been given a response.

Ms Jarratt said it was not appropriate for her to wade into the future sports park argument because it was not a state government issue. “It's a Council issue,” Ms Jarratt said.

“If anyone has evidence of official misconduct, that can be taken to the CMC (Crime and Misconduct Commission).

“Other than that if it is though that Council has acted unlawfully, there is some recourse to take through an appeal to the local government minister.”

The group hopes to have a petition out on the streets as soon as possible but hasn't set any goals or targets for the amount of signatures it would like to get.

“We'd just like to get as many as we can,” Mr Chengody said.

Mr Chengody also encouraged people in the community concerned with the sports park issue to call him on 4946 6218.

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