Rapist released from custody under strict supervision

A GYMPIE rapist who once lived out his sadistic fantasies on a 19-year-old woman will be released from custody under a strict supervision order.

Nigel Patrick Robinson was deemed a dangerous sexual offender after stalking the woman from a shopping centre and raping her at knifepoint then indecently assaulting a nine-year-old girl in a schoolyard.

Psychologist Professor Barry Nurcombe told the Brisbane Supreme Court he believed, but could not be certain, Robinson's sadism was "in remission".

He assessed Robinson's risk of re-offending while under a supervision order as low risk.

Prof Nurcombe said the 36-year-old's empathy had improved and he categorised Robinson's psychopathic tendencies as lower than the average prisoner's levels, but higher than the average person in the community.

He said he did not believe Robinson was a pedophile and would not target children and family members.

Psychiatrist Dr Michael Beech, who also gave evidence during a 2013 hearing after Robinson was released on a supervision order and broke several conditions, agreed Robinson was not a pedophile.

The two doctors said part of the supervision order should include a condition Robinson not be allowed to view violent pornography, such as bondage or anything involving inflicting pain.

"Back in his youth (violent pornography) was the start of the development of some fantasies about violence, coercion, sadism and rape which led to the initial three offences," Dr Beech said.

When Robinson's nine-year sentence finished in 2006 he was not released from custody because authorities believed his Gympie home was unsuitable to live in because of its close proximity to a school.

But in 2009 he was released to the Wacol housing precinct, in Brisbane, on a supervision order made under the Dangerous Prisoners Act.

He later contacted a woman without telling Corrective Services, against the order's conditions, and viewed violent pornography.

Judge John Bond imposed about 30 conditions as part of Robinson's supervision order.

They include continuing the psychotherapy Robinson has been receiving, which both doctors said had been working well, and not viewing violent pornography.

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