Australian Survivor contestant Bianca Anderson.
Australian Survivor contestant Bianca Anderson. Nigel Wright

Heavy lifting too much for Survivor's private eye Bianca

SURVIVOR super-fan Bianca Anderson saw the writing on the wall ahead of her elimination from the reality show tonight.

The Melbourne-based private investigator was just the second castaway booted off the show by her tribe mates.

The blue tribe, also known as Saanapu, ended up in Tribal Council after losing an immunity challenge where petite Anderson was forced to help carry other larger team mates through an obstacle course.

"Where we fell down was the strategy," Ms Anderson told APN.

"Even though I was the lightest and shortest person I was forced to lift and carry people bigger and heavier than me," she said.

"When we lost the challenge and strategising started to take place, I was vying to break up the core alliance of Brooke and Flick and they weren't pleased with that.

"Plus, there was a group of five in my tribe who were all the 20-year-olds and I was on the wrong side of 30."

But Ms Anderson believes Saanapu have sabotaged themselves by not sending home Peter Fiegehen, who offered to leave because of family issues.

"They've taken themselves from eight to six, rather than eight to seven," she said.

"It's a dumb move on their part."

The 36-year-old admitted her initial strategy of fading into the background wasn't the best first move.

"I deliberately wanted to come across as boring so people wouldn't know my background, but I might have come across too boring," she said.

"One of my game plans going in was not to be a assertive. I didn't want to create conflict and put a target on my back,but there were a few times when it was a disservice to myself. If I'd spoken up in the challenge we might have had a very different outcome."

The 36-year-old said it was a dream come true to go on a show that's all about 'lying and cheating and stealing'.

"I've been a fan since I was 20 years old when it first began in the US,"she said.

"I love the elements Survivor requires of you.

"It was just a dream come true and I was so fortunate I was part of it even if it was just for a short time."

This may not be the last viewers see of Ms Anderson.

"There are a lot of players who play more than one season (in the US)," she said.

"I'm looking at this as my dress rehearsal."

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