PAW-FECTLY primped and preened to perfection, these pussies mean business - and adorable business at that.

Short hair, long hair and even no hair, south-east Queensland's best cats were on display at Beerwah yesterday during the first Coast cat show in at least five years.

And it was a cat-loving fiesta as a conga line of cages, padded with silk cushions, filled the Beerwah Community Hall for the Queensland Independent Cat Council competition.

Clusters of cat owners and breeders congregated around the judging tables in the different sections - kittens, desexed cats, entire (breeding) and companion cats - to find out which feline was best in show.

More than 100 exhibitors entered the competition, with cats of all colours, shapes, breeds and sizes ready for judging.

Enter Blizzard, a beautiful maine coon - the biggest cat breed in the world.

Jasmine McKoy with Kimba.
Jasmine McKoy with Kimba. Che Chapman

Originating from American barn cats, the breed is judged on its boxy jaw, ear tips, length and coat.

Bred by Tracey Lamb of Chambers Flat, Blizzard is complacent as his long sweeping white hair sprawls on the fold-out table for judges' inspection.

Judges moves cats from side to side, testing for temperament and looking for genetically excellent features.

"It's the biggest domestic cat in the world, but also the gentle giants of the cat world," Ms Lamb said.

"They are wonderful cats, you can teach them just like dogs."

Then there's  Illusion the lilac coloured British shorthair, with piercing eyes and a grey coat.

"Different owners have different methods of preparing for a show, but for me it's about a good brush, making sure the cat has clean ears and eyes and you hope it's in the best mood on the day," owner Tracey Bill said.

Exhibitors tell the Daily there' not much that can be done on judging day about a cranky cat.

Exhibitors say show cats are entered as kittens to give them time to adjust to competition life and travelling in the car.

Organiser Julie Walker said the Beerwah cat show will become an annual event after a fantastic response from exhibitors.

The Beerburrum resident has organised cat shows since 1989 and is a self-confessed cat lover.

"They say you're either a cat person or a dog person," she said.

"Why do I keep organising shows? It's a passion, I love cats, always have since I was a little girl."

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