Heron Island.
Heron Island. Contributed

Heron: little island, big break

I'VE just returned from a well earned holiday at Heron Island, a natural coral cay off the coast of Queensland.

We arrived after a two hour boat trip from Gladstone, and departed with a 30 minute helicopter trip.

We walked around the island most days, the trip taking a leisurely fifteen minutes.

Heron Island resort consists of 169 rooms spread across a small section of the island.  It’s more nature-holiday than luxury resort.

Our room had a great view of the ocean and the food was good. The guests we met at Heron Island were from Europe primarily, with many saying this was their only ‘must see’ destination on their trip Down Under.

The energy of the reef is on display at every turn.

When snorkeling off the island, you’re confronted with a dense, wildly evolved and stunningly beautiful array of sea life. What’s with the sea-slug which has up to six fish living in it’s behind? Or the starfish which eats its own limbs if food goes short?

James Cameron couldn’t script amazing life-form better than the reef does itself.

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