Police are investigating a possible hit-and-run involving a toddler at Brassall, near Ipswich.
Police are investigating a possible hit-and-run involving a toddler at Brassall, near Ipswich.

Police renew appeal for footage of toddler's hit and run

LATEST 11AM: IPSWICH police efforts to locate footage of a toddler being struck by a truck at Brassall on Wednesday have proved fruitless so far, prompting a renewed call for public assistance.

A one-year-old boy sustained head injuries after being struck by a mystery water truck and thrown across the road, just before 3pm. 

Witnesses reported initially thinking a toy doll was on the road, before approaching and realising it was a badly injured little boy.

He was rushed to the Queensland Children's Hospital where his condition was listed as stable Thursday morning.

The truck that hit the boy did not stop at the scene, with police still not certain whether or not the driver was aware they had struck a pedestrian.

Ipswich police Inspector Doug McDonald said police were appealing for any more witnesses, or residents and motorists who may have captured something on their own cameras.

"We've run out all our enquiries with the available footage and had no luck there," Insp McDonald said.

"We are still appealing for any witnesses or people with dashcam footage, maybe even residents along Fernvale Rd with cameras that point out towards the road a bit.

"The only information we have on the truck at the moment is that it was a small water truck. Unfortunately our witnesses so far were understandably more concerned with the welfare of the child at the time."

Insp McDonald said he was relieved to hear the boy was not believed to have sustained any long-term injuries as a result of the incident.

His parents were located a short time later and live in the local area.

"It is a good time to remind all the parents out there to keep an eye on their kids, especially during the holidays," he said.

"Kids can be mischievous."

UPDATE 5PM: Police are searching for a "small truck" with a water tank after a toddler was struck on a road in Brassall, Ipswich this afternoon.  

It is believed the child was staying in a house nearby and ran onto the road. It is believed the child may have been with a sibling when he ran from the house.  

Critical care paramedic Daniel Barron said he believed the head injuries were not serious and the child maintained consciousness.  

"A 14-month old was struck by a truck that was travelling approximately 60km/h and was thrown," he said.  

"When we got on scene he was crying, sort of alert, and interacted with us.  

"(There were) some obvious isolated facial injuries and bruising to the back of his head as well.  

"He remained fairly stable throughout transport."  

Ipswich District Police Inspector Douglas McDonald said the child hit in the incident lived locally.  

He said police were speaking to the child's family to ascertain why the baby was on the road.  

"We are appealing for any witnesses to the incident who may have seen a child walking around Fernvale Rd at around 3pm this afternoon," Insp McDonald said.  

"We are currently looking for a small water tank truck we believe was involved in the incident."  

Insp McDonald said police were also calling on anyone who may have dashcam footage of the area this afternoon to come forward.

A spokesman for Ipswich City Council said it would assist police in their investigation where required.

EARLIER: PARAMEDICS are rushing a toddler to hospital after he was hit by a car this afternoon. It is not known if the incident happened at a home or on the roadway.

Residents on Fernvale Rd, who wished not to be identified, said the child had wandered up the street alone before walking onto the road and being hit by what appeared to be a water truck.

A couple driving a Thrifty truck stopped and cradled the child before asking nearby residents for towels, The Courier-Mail understands.

"They said they saw the baby lying on the ground thought it was a toy but then realised 'no he's been hit' and called out to bring some towels," one resident said.

"There were no skidmarks on the road and we didn't hear anything when it happened."

Another man who witnessed the hit-and-run, but declined to be named, said he was driving when he saw the child walk out onto the road alone.

He said he turned his car around after seeing the truck drive past and hit the boy without stopping.

"It was horrifying really, I mean I've got kids as well," the Uber delivery driver said.

Police have closed Fernvale Rd and are currently interviewing witnesses.

More to come.

INITIAL: Police are investigating a possible hit and run after a toddler was struck by a vehicle near Ipswich.

Officers from the Forensic Crash Unit are heading to the scene.

Police are trying to determine whether the young boy was struck by a car or a truck.

The incident occurred on Fernvale Road, Brassall, at 2.55pm.

It is not known whether the boy was struck at a residence or on the roadway.

He has been taken to Queensland Children's Hospital with serious head injuries.

More to come

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