Hottest 100 possible date change stirs up music listeners

TRIPLE J's  Hottest 100 will return next year on Australia Day, January 26 despite reports there would be a permanent date change.

"We've been aware of, and have been a part of, the discussions around 26 January for some time," a statement on the triple j website states.

"triple j is heavily involved in the growing dialogue around Indigenous recognition and perspectives on 26 January. This is really important to us.

"We will continue to talk to Indigenous communities, artists and our audience about the date for the Hottest 100 in future years. In short: it's under review.

"We want the Hottest 100 to be an inclusive and respectful event for all Australians, including all the incredible Indigenous artists making great Australian music, and the listeners from all cultural backgrounds who love it."

triple j's Facebook page was inundated with more than 700 comments:

Andrew Spencer: I have been listening to it on Australia day for over 20 years now. Please keep it and let more generations have the pleasure of all this good music on such a great day.

Daniel Rooney: The Hottest 100 is the only activity I've always associated with Australia Day. Of course it's a day for appreciating what the country has and remembering and regretting some of the means through which it got to where it is today, but in terms of actual traditions, this is it.

Kirsty Stuart: I believe the issue does not lie with if the hottest 100 should be on this day or not. The issue should be the date we celebrate Australia Day. We need to move the date we celebrate Australia Day and then move the Hottest 100 accordingly. Hottest 100 needs to be held on a public holiday there's no doubt about it.

Daniel Russell-Pearce: Triple J should get behind the change of date for Australia Day then keep the Hottest 100 on that day, keep Australia day in late January but not the 26th then everyone should be happy, everyone should be able to celebrate Australia Day.

Jacinta Nelson: Having the hottest 100 on Australia Day is celebrating our country and its diversity of people and music. It makes people think about Australia's past and the real meaning. It's just music - a big part of Australian Culture.

Should the hottest 100 be aired on Australia Day?

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Cassandra McFarlane: Maybe we need a public holiday for Hottest 100? I don't celebrate a lot of traditions, but I could celebrate a day of music!!

O-J McMinn: Hottest 100 on Jan 26 public holiday is an institution that should be exempt from the politics of Australia. Only time it should be moved to another day is if there's another public holiday to replace Australia Day.

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