A SELECT number of people deploy some strange excuses as to why they are caught by police in compromising positions involving drugs.

Here are some bizarre excuses used by people appearing before court in Toowoomba on drug-related charges:

Man found with 5kg of cannabis claimed he was making cakes

A MERINGANDAN West man found with more than 5kg of cannabis told police he was using the leaf to make cannabis oil which he used to cook cannabis cakes and biscuits.

Ordinarily, being caught with that much "green leafy material" would have a person appearing before the Supreme Court, however, because police accepted Joel Andrew Doherty's explanation that the drug was for his own personal use and there was no commerciality alleged, the matter could be dealt with by the Toowoomba Magistrates Court.

Doherty made full admissions to police and pleaded guilty before the court to producing and possessing cannabis and possessing drug related utensils.


Man claimed he found 1.8kg of cannabis on the road

A 51-YEAR-OLD man who claimed he found 1.8kg of cannabis packaged in four bags at the side of the road has been handed a jail sentence.

Peter Craig Davis claimed he had found the cannabis in a bag on the side of the road as he drove to Oakey on January 16, Toowoomba District Court heard.

Davis pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis in an amount above 500g.




Hefty penalty for 'mucking about with meth pipe'

"MUCKING around with a meth pipe" and speeding didn't help a Toowoomba man ultimately fined and disqualified for drug driving while unlicensed.

Hakeem Arnold Duncan had initially been pulled over by police while driving on Anzac Ave, Newtown, about 11.40pm, April 5, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

Checks found he had been disqualified from driving by the same court for three months on February 25.

Then, on June 18, police conducting speed checks of cars passing Harristown High School pulled the 23-year-old over again.

Though his disqualification period had expired, he tested positive for meth, telling officers he had been "mucking around" with a meth pipe the day before.

The self-represented Duncan pleaded guilty to all charges.


Drugs are cheaper in Toowoomba, court told

A ST GEORGE man had travelled into Toowoomba to buy meth and cannabis because drugs were cheaper in the Garden City, he told police.

The Toowoomba Supreme Court heard police had turned up to search a unit in Toowoomba on December 10, 2017 and found Brad William Prince, 35, and Robert James Lamb, 33.

Prince pleaded guilty to possessing both drugs.


'I was hormonal and tired', Toowoomba driver tells court

A WOMAN who blamed being hormonal and tired for drug driving while disqualified has been handed a suspended jail term and ordered off the road for more than two years.

With a SPER (State Penalties Enforcement Registry) debt of $10,668 from previous penalties, fines were not a deterrent for Toowoomba woman Kirsty Maree Brennan, Magistrate Viviana Keegan told her.

The self-represented Brennan pleaded guilty to drug driving and driving while disqualified by court order, telling the court she knew she shouldn't have been driving but "I was hormonal and tired and just wanted to go home".


'Ice' and mates a bad mix for Toowoomba offender

FATHER of two Coen Patrick James Purcell had to get away from his mates and "ice" or spend even more time in jail, Toowoomba Magistrates Court has heard.

The 21-year-old's fingerprints had been found at a number of crime scenes and when he was picked up by police and asked about his involvement in the crimes, he replied "that's what the boys do", police prosecutor Nicola Prince told the court.

Purcell and five mates had been captured on CCTV camera breaking into the Cooroy Hotel bottle shop in the early hours of March 19 and stealing $3355 worth of alcohol.

The 21-year-old's fingerprints were found on a broken bottle left at the scene, Ms Prince said.

The group had driven there in a vehicle stolen in Robina the day before.



His fingerprints had also been found on a stolen BMW sedan in April, and on a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon found at the scene of a second break-in of the Cooroy Hotel bottle shop on March 31, the court heard.

When found in Toowoomba on May 2, Purcell had run away from police, jumping a number of neighbourhood fences leading to five counts of trespass before he was nabbed by officers in pursuit.

Purcell appeared by prison video link to pleading guilty to all charges.


Yes officer, I thought that smoke tasted funny

A TOOWOOMBA man who admitted to drug driving maintained that someone had given him a "smoke" earlier that day and that he thought "it had tasted funny".

Adrian Charles Robson, 33, told police he had been given a smoke by someone at Wilsonton shopping centre on the morning of July 18 and "thought it tasted funny", police prosecutor Nicola Prince told the court.

Asked by police if he had smoked the drug before, the 33-year-old said that he had and that he should have known what it tasted like.

Robson tested positive for marijuana after being pulled over by police on Hillside St about 9.45am that day, Ms Prince told the court.

The self-represented Robson pleaded guilty to the charge, maintaining that he had met with someone in Wilsonton that morning who gave him a smoke.


'Doomsday Doper' had guns, ammo, drugs and food

A 35-YEAR-OLD man found with weapons, ammunition, cannabis and a large amount of food supplies told police he was preparing for Doomsday.

The Doomsday revelation came after police activated a search warrant at the Gatton home of Adam Matthew Clarence Maddison where he lived with his mother.

The 35-year-old pleaded guilty to possessing a dangerous drug and drug-related utensils, unlawful possession of weapons, not having authority to possess explosives (bullets), and failing to provide his identification particulars to police within seven days.


Originally published as ‘I was hormonal’: Weird excuses used in drug-related cases

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