Ice addicts were always going to be caught

NOT only were two ice addicts caught redhanded burgling a home, but one of them left DNA all over an energy drink in the bathroom.

They were always going to be caught for a string of property and dishonesty offences around Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan.

Jai Nicholas Davis, 19, was caught in the corridor of one home, fleeing when the owner arrived home.

Tiahna Kelly Wiles, 20, was waiting in the driveway in their getaway car.

In fleeing, they left behind a white laundry basket they had begun filling with laptops and PlayStation games.

In another, a woman came home to her alarm sounding and found she was missing her iPad, jewellery, handbags and confidential client files.

Davis was also caught driving a stolen car while disqualified and tried to flee police, crashing into a parked car in his failed efforts and then assaulting police.

By the time of their offending in late 2014, Davis and Wiles had already accumulated a long history of dishonesty, property and drug offences.

Davis breached parole and Wiles breached a suspended sentence - all to feed their ice habits.

Crown prosecutor Russell Hood told Brisbane District Court neither offender was suitable for further community-based orders as they had repeatedly breached them.

Defence barrister Chris Minnery, acting for Davis, said the unsophisticated and unplanned offences were committed to support their addictions.

The court heard Davis's mother had introduced him to smoking ice at a young age and he ended up on the streets when his mother kicked him out.

Mr Minnery said Davis had since reunited with his father, who was in the court, and had job opportunities and a supportive home environment for the first time in years.

Wiles's criminal history is split between Gladstone, where her father lives, Bundaberg and Ipswich, near her mother's home at Gatton.

Barrister Simone Bain, acting for Wiles, said her client would live with her mother on her release.

She said Wiles was an intravenous ice user and her offending occurred while she was in the grips of an addiction.

Davis, now 21, has been in jail since November 2014 but only 74 days are declarable towards this sentence because he was required to serve the rest of his two-and-a-half year jail sentence for similar previous offending.

The 597 days Wiles, now 22, has been behind bars is declarable for the sentence.

Judge Richard Jones sentenced them both to three years behind bars, with immediate parole release.

He told Davis if he re-offended, he would not get such leniency again.


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