Independent to contest Dawson

A FOURTH candidate has thrown his hat into the ring for the seat of Dawson in the upcoming federal election.

Robert Jameson from Mackay intends campaigning as an Independent candidate on the single issue of population.

He joins Mike Brunker (Labor), George Christensen (LNP) and Jonathan Dykyj (The Greens) in the contest for Dawson, which stretches from Mackay to the southern suburbs of Townsville.

Mr Jameson, who moved to Mackay four years ago to set up a recruitment agency for overseas guest workers, is basing his campaign on his opposition to Australian and global population growth.

He became motivated in February when the Government issued the 2010 Intergenerational Report, which forecasts an Australian population of 36 million by 2050, and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he believed in a “Big Australia”.

“That was it for me,” Mr Jameson said.

“Doesn't Rudd know that the CSIRO, Australian Academy of Science, Barry Jones' Inter-parliamentary Report, Tim Flannery and many others have been saying for years that the maximum sustainable population for Australia is 23 million?”

Globally, Mr Jameson would like to see certain countries take a “more responsible” stance on population growth.

On the issue of birth control he said: “We cannot continue to rescue, or offer misguided sympathy, to the governments of neighbouring Third World countries whose policies not only threaten their own future but the future of all humanity.”

Originally from South Australia, Mr Jameson has had a varied career including working for TAA, the AMP Society and Electrolux.

He has also been a shop owner, a teacher and a sheep shearer and most recently has worked in recruitment.

He moved to Mackay in 2006 to set up his own recruitment agency, choosing the region because of the skills shortage.

“There was plenty of demand for overseas workers then,” said Mr Jameson, who has a degree in history and politics and has written two books.

“But when the Global Financial Crisis hit, my business came to a screeching halt.

“I still keep in touch with my clients but overseas recruiting is not where my heart is.”

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