A four-month-old baby was caught up in the attack. .
A four-month-old baby was caught up in the attack. . AnaBGD

Infant caught up in drunken attack

A MACKAY welder accidentally injured his four-month-old son during a violent attack on his wife, in which she was punched repeatedly in the head.

The 41-year-old worked in the Bowen Basin until he badly injured his hand with a knife in a kitchen mishap and had been unable to return to work.

A combination of drunkenness, a failure to take medication for depression and anxiety and the "mental and financial" toll of unemployment led to the unprovoked violence, the man's lawyer told a court.

We're unable to legally name the man to protect his victim.

The man faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to contravening a domestic violence order at Walkerston on December 31 last year.

He had no criminal history prior to the attack on his long-time partner, prosecutor Bernhard Berger told Magistrate Mark Nolan.

Mr Berger said the victim phoned police on December 31, after "numerous verbal arguments" in recent days, while her partner was "drinking heavily".

"Things came to a head ... ," he said.

"The aggrieved had left the address where the defendant was drinking and returned home. The defendant has continued his harassment of the aggrieved by sending a number of text messages to her phone.

"The defendant sent a text message stating 'How about you stay at your mum's, you're the rubbish c---" ... you're the lowest piece of s--- on the Earth'.

"At one point the defendant has also stated 'I feel like killing you for this bulls---'."

Later, the man "climbed up on to the bed she was laying on and began punching her on or about the face".

Mr Berger said the victim believes she was struck about "six times" before she bit her attacker's finger and was repeatedly hit again.

Children in the home woke up and when the victim was carrying one young boy the man "shoved her in the back".

"This caused the aggrieved to lose balance and stumble forward. As a result of this stumble, the four-month-old has struck his head on a doorway," Mr Berger said.

Police were called and they found the child with a "visible red welt".

Defence solicitor Jordana Abela, of Mackay Solicitors, said her client was "remorseful" and had returned to using medication while behind bars.

She said the infant was not intentionally targeted and her client had been struggling physically and mentally following the kitchen injury and a string of other medical ailments.

The man had booked in counselling and wanted to address issues with drugs and alcohol, Ms Abela added.

Mr Nolan slammed the man's actions as "nothing short of appalling" and said he should be "ashamed and embarrassed", despite having "little or no recollection" of his attack.

"The community is sick of hearing of cases of domestic violence," he added.

However, Mr Nolan said the man deserved a chance at rehabilitating in the community.

The man was convicted of breaching the order and sentenced to serve six months in prison.

Considering an early plea and 30 days already spent locked up, the man will be released on parole on February 28, after serving a third of his term.

A domestic violence order remains in place.

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