'Insane' road rage attack leaves victim scared of driving

A MAN has told a court the breakdown of his marriage was partly to blame for a road rage attack that left his victim scared of getting behind the wheel.

The attack, described by the victim, Daniel Kane, as an "insane violent, emotional outrage", started with Bli Bli man Khyle James Kenneth Reeves, 26, driving erratically on Nambour Connection Rd, Yandina on March 8.

Reeves was swerving in and out of traffic as Mr Kane unsuccessfully attempted to overtake him several times.

As the road merged into one lane, Reeves threw a packet of McDonald's chips at Mr Kane's car, beeped his horn and gave him the finger before driving into traffic and cutting behind him.

When the pair stopped at a set of traffic lights, Reeves got out of the car while it was still moving, which then crashed into Mr Kane's car causing $1500 worth of damage. 

Reeves then walked to Mr Kane's window and punched him in the face five to seven times, leaving him with bruising and a cut under his eye before getting back in his car and running a red light.

Reeves was neither on drugs or alcohol at the time of the offence.

On Wednesday, Reeves pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to one count each of assault occasioning bodily harm, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, entering an intersection on a red light and unlicensed driving.

The court heard Reeves only had one previous mark on his criminal history for property damage, but two pages of driving history including seven convictions for speeding and two for drink driving.

The self-represented Reeves admitted there were "no excuses" for his poor history, but said since the incident he had been taking steps to become "physically and mentally healthy".

Reeves said his marriage collapsed around Christmas time, causing him to become reliant on alcohol, but his family and work life were now stable with he and his wife back together and recently having welcomed their fourth child.

Acting Magistrate Andrew Walker said while the attack appeared to be "out of the ordinary" for Reeves, "people should be able to expect to drive along the road" without being victimised.

Mr Walker sentenced Reeves to nine months' imprisonment for the assault, to be immediately suspended with an operational period of 18 months.

For running a red light, he was fined $365 and for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and driving unlicensed he was put on a 12-month probation.

He will also pay back the damage of Mr Kane's car.

Convictions were recorded for all offences.

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