Insurance frustration

THE slow rebuild from Cyclone Ului continues in the Whitsundays but a number of residents have become increasingly frustrated with the slow process with insurance claims.

One Strathdickie family has been unable to move back into their house since the cyclone and have become increasingly frustrated at the delays in repairs to the roof of their property.

Dave and Alex Bundle have not been able to turn on power in their house and have been living out of a bungalow and on the deck of their house since Cyclone Ului. The family is not seeking sympathy but say they have become frustrated with the insurance process.

“We are just tired,” Mr Bundle said.

“It just seems ridiculous that in this day and age you have to wait so long for an insurance claim to go through.”

The damage caused to the roof of the Bundle family home during the cyclone has been made worse since by the fact that tarps put on after the cyclone, by people sent by assessors, have leaked and part of the inside of the roof has since collapsed because of the rain.

“It has been one thing after another and we know there are others out there in the same boat and it is just frustrating,” Mr Bundle said.

“We just want it fixed that is all.”

Another Strathdickie resident Pam Pole also expressed her frustration with the insurance process.

Ms Pole said that she has had a frustrating time trying to get her assessors to agree to use local trades' people.

“My main issue is that you have to fight tooth and nail to get them to use local trades' people,” she said.

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