ARE customers always in the right?

The topic of customer service and customer politeness has left Chronicle readers divided.

After the Chronicle's acting editor Jordan Philp published his opinion about the importance of customer politeness towards business owners, readers have taken to Facebook to share their own thoughts.

Some readers, like Zjena Klinjnscovic, said it was up to both the staff and customers to be police.

Do you think the customer is always right? Join the discussion and tell us below.

"Being a waitress, I have seen almost daily the rudeness of customers who think they have the right (to be rude) and I have also seen waiters being downright nasty as well," Zjena said.

"All I can say is people need to be nicer to each other because you don't know what kind of day they are having and a simple compliment can make someone's day."

Reader Kerry Anne Searle said businesses should "always provide excellent customer services and try to help and serve everyone".

"It's the number one rule!" Kerry said.

"Repeat business is often provided because they (the customers) remember the excellent service."

Other readers like Matt Mitchell said it was up to the customers to treat staff with respect.

"I think a lot of people go into a shop with a preordained idea like some of these comments: 'I pay your wage' , 'I'll treat you how I want', 'customer is always right', ' hurry up, I'm in a hurry' , 'you served that rude bloke that pushed in first, I'm leaving'," Matt said.

"Personally, I can't understand why a staff member would be rude though, there's nothing a rude customer hates more than when you keep smiling and be polite."

Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce president Tim Powers said in most cases, the customer should always be right.

"It's a hard one, particularly when there are language barriers with tourists from time to time," Mr Powers said.

"It's about getting it right the first time and clarifying what the client and potential client is looking for."

Mr Powers said especially in areas like the Fraser Coast where there is a lot of competition for businesses like coffee shops, having the best customer service was paramount.

To congratulate businesses on their service, the chamber will be launching the Verena Fletcher memorial service awards on June 29.

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