Clive Palmer wants to be Australia's next PM.
Clive Palmer wants to be Australia's next PM. Brett Wortman

It's Clive-gate: Palmer's office broken into, laptop taken

UPDATE:  Police will keep a watch on any information from Clive Palmer's stolen computer being disseminated via the internet before cybercrime police are called in.

Mr Stewart confirmed Mr Palmer had made a complaint to police about the break in at his CBD office over the weekend.

"That break and enter occurred sometime over the weekend as I understand it and he has had property, including computer equipment, stolen," he said.

Asked whether cybercrime police would be called in to investigate with the chance the computer information could be uploaded or sent to others, Mr Stewart confirmed police were keeping a watching brief.

"…in terms of passing it on to other areas in the community or perhaps trying to make information available on the internet on what might be available on that computer, until that happens we will keep a watching brief," he said.

Earlier, Nine News reported Mr Palmer's financial controller, Michael Dahl, had his laptop stolen.

Mr Palmer claims the robbery from his Brisbane office was a political conspiracy with sensitive financial documents taken.

Mr Palmer told Nine's finance editor Ross Greenwood that sensitive business documents and personal records were on the laptop.

The break-in comes just days after Mr Palmer announced the re-launch of a political party and plans to run for PM.

"This seems to be more of a coincidence to me,'' he said.

Mr Palmer said he would not be surprised if he was the subject of ongoing personal attacks in coming weeks.

"This is the way the game is played. If you can't beat the person on the field of ideas, beat them some other way.''

"There is really nothing for us to hide legitimately but it's just an indication of the types of barriers people will put up against people who want to stand up for democracy in this country,'' Mr Palmer said.

He said police had been informed of the break-in at 380 Queen Street.

LNP Fairfax candidate Ted O'Brien said there was 'no chance' the LNP was behind any break-in.

Mr O'Brien said he was more interested to know if Mr Palmer was going to open up an office on the Sunshine Coast, given his plans to run for Fairfax.

"When he decides to open up an office in Fairfax I am happy to give him some hints about how to maintain security,'' Mr O'Brien said.

The LNP candidate said he had his trailer and billboard vandalised but he was not running off to the media 'screaming blue murder'.

"I think the people of the Sunshine Coast would like to hear more about the Sunshine Coast and less about Clive Palmer,'' Mr O'Brien said.

Mr O'Brien said he was not sure whether Mr Palmer was fair dinkum about running in Fairfax.

"I think his challenge is going to be convincing people on the Sunshine Coast that he has their interests at heart.

"I think it is a challenge that we all have.''

Mr O'Brien said the number one issue was generating enough economic growth on the Coast to create real, long-lasting jobs.

He also cited social issues, infrastructure, small business and cost of living pressures.

On Friday, Mr Palmer re-launched his United Australia Party and said he would contest the seat of Fairfax on the Sunshine Coast.

Mr Palmer says interest in his new party has been so great the group's website crashed over the weekend.

He said the party already had the requisite 500 members to register the party.

"I'd like to just issue a quick apology. I'd just like to apologise to all those people that have gone to and tried to log on to join the party, because they've blown up the website.

"That's how we're going," Mr Palmer said on Meet The Press.

Mr Palmer said the UAP would press ahead with fielding candidates in all 150 lower seats as well as the Senate.

In terms of policies, he revealed social issues like same-sex marriage would be open to conscience votes, although he would not be drawn on his views on the contentious issue.

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