Jail for man who slashed elderly woman’s face

A FORMER Rockhampton man has been jailed for 10 years for breaking into an elderly couple's home and slashing a 72-year-old woman across the face.

About 8.20pm on October 27, 2012, the elderly couple heard a noise in their Brisbane home and called out to each other.

The woman went to check on her husband, who was in the bedroom, fearing he had fallen over.

She ran into Aaron Lee Woods, 36, who emerged from the bathroom and had a knife in his hand.

The Brisbane District Court heard Woods told the woman "get out of my way you stupid b****", or something similar, before he struck her across the face with the knife.

She needed 20 stitches and had significant physical and emotional injuries, Judge David Reid said.

In sentencing Woods, Justice Reid said the man broke into the home through a window, and fled from the same one.

Woods was found guilty of burglary and unlawful wounding at a trial but a jury found he did not intend to disfigure the woman and that it was an impulsive act, the court heard.

Justice Reid said his actions were "reckless, uncaring and without regard for any consequences".

He said there was no evidence that suggested Woods had targeted the couple specifically.

It was also unclear whether Woods was armed when he first broke in or whether he found the knife at the house.

But Justice Reid said this was not critical in sentencing him.

He said Woods used the weapon instead of fleeing and there was an aggressive feature in his conduct.

He was sentenced to a total 10 years' jail, which will be added to a previous three-year jail sentence he received for other charges.

He will be eligible for release in 2027.

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