Capricornia Correctional Centre.
Capricornia Correctional Centre. FILE

Jail was full for 2010/11

A LEAKED document reveals that Rockhampton's jail was full to capacity throughout 2010/11.

An internal report supplied to the State Opposition and forwarded to The Morning Bulletin shows the Capricornia Correctional Centre's approved occupancy for the period was 376 inmates, while its average occupancy was 375.83.

Earlier this week LNP front-bencher Jarrod Bleijie alleged that overcrowding and watered-down discipline was making it more difficult for over-stretched staff to control dangerous offenders.

His claim was denied by Queensland Corrective Services which provided The Morning Bulletin with statistics which confirmed that the city's prison was jointly the most violent in the state during 2010/11.

According to acting commissioner Marlene Morrison there were 10 serious assaults on prisoners but no incidents involving violence to prison staff.

But the leaked document lists three major and three minor assaults by inmates on staff and Mr Bleijie said he was confident the information was accurate.

He said the running of the State's correctional facilities had become mired in bureaucracy and that there was so much paperwork involved in disciplining an unruly prisoner, guards were not reporting and acting upon a significant number of breaches.

According to the document, 121 of the facility's 375 inmates were indigenous. There were three attempts at self harm, 20 prisoner injuries, one major security incident and 20 system failures.

There were no escapes but the report details 164 major breaches of processes and practices.

Earlier this week prison officers across the State stopped work for an hour to discuss concerns about violence.

Only last month, in response to similar claims by the LNP, Corrective Services Minister Neil Roberts denied the prison system was overcrowded.

He said numbers at the Capricornia Correctional Centre varied daily as prisoners were transferred between centres or released.

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