Celebrity Apprentice contestant Jesinta Campbell.
Celebrity Apprentice contestant Jesinta Campbell.

Jesinta has her eyes on the prize

JESINTA Campbell has proved herself to be a beauty with brains but she has her work cut out for her on the final of Celebrity Apprentice.

The former Miss Universe Australia said she had a "challenge within a challenge" when it came to managing eliminated contestant Deni Hines, who was brought back to help Campbell and Shane Crawford in the final task of the reality series.

"It was hard, really hard for me," said Campbell during a visit to the Gold Coast for her younger sister Alicia's high school graduation.

"I had to manage a woman twice my age, and get her to try and work for me and the team.

"At one point I was nearly ready to tell her to go but we needed her for certain things…. I focused on what she brought to the challenge."

Wednesday's episode showed the final four contestants, with Jason Coleman and Julia Morris making up the other team, starting work on their final marketing campaigns for host Mark Bouris's company Yellow Brick Road.

Hines and Campbell's constant clashes dominated the episode. Not even publicist Max Markson's antics could steal the spotlight.

"The whole time she made it very clear she wanted Julia to win," Campbell said.

"I just said to her 'this isn't about you, it's about charity. Whether that's your charity or mine or Shane's it's about helping people out. You're not sabotaging us, you're sabotaging the charity'."

But Campbell's rumoured romance with fellow contestant Didier Cohen, also brought back to help in the final challenge, was another hot topic.

Crawford joked about Cohen being Campbell's boyfriend, and her fans took to Twitter to grill her about it.

"I've got a lot of responses on Twitter," she said on Thursday.

"I shot a message to him (Crawford) this morning saying 'I've got a bone to pick with you buddy'. 

"Shane's a bit of a joker. He's made my morning a living nightmare."

And she was quick to quash any rumours of a relationship with Cohen.

"We're both single," she said.

"We're not seeing each other right now." 

On tonight's 90-minute final, the two teams will reveal their marketing campaigns and a winner will be chosen. 

Mr Bouris will then select one of the two celebrities from the winning team as the overall winner and award them with the $100,000 grand prize for their charity.

"If I won Celebrity Apprentice it would mean the absolute world to me," said Campbell, whose charity is Reach.

"I would know $100,000 would go to changing a lot of children's lives in Australia. And it would be good for the younger generation to see someone get up and achieve something."

The Celebrity Apprentice final airs tonight at 7pm in Queensland, 7.30pm in NSW on Nine.  

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