Kanye West's diva demands at Glastonbury

KanyeVEV0 |YouTube
Kanye West requested a whole field for his crew at Glastonbury Festival.
The 'Only One' hitmaker headlined Saturday evening at Worthy Farm, Somerset where he branded himself "the greatest rockstar of all time" and it appears he had a list of demands suited to the title.

The 38-year-old rapper reportedly requested his crew and entourage - which included wife Kim Kardashian West - should have a private field for all their tour vehicles so they wouldn't be disturbed by others.

Kanye is also believed to have requested platforms for his stage performance - which saw him soar across the revellers on a crane - as well as blue drapes in the compound and bottles of water with the labels removed.

The star's guests were also entertained by British magician Dynamo, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

Meanwhile, Kanye previously revealed his marriage to Kim Kardashian West helped him lose his "ego".

He said: "I feel like now I have an amazing wife, a super-smart child and the opportunity to create in two major fields. Before I had those outlets, my ego was all I had."

Explaining his "douchebaggery" using an analogy of a marble table, he added: "I have this table in my new house. They put this table in without asking. It was some weird nouveau riche marble table, and I hated it.

"But it was literally so heavy that it took a crane to move it. We would try to set up different things around it, but it never really worked."  

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