Katter, Knuth and Wellington hold the power for now

AS THE vote count from Saturday's election showed a real possibility of a hung parliament late yesterday, three Queensland MPs found themselves in powerful positions.

ABC predictions showed the LNP was predicted to win 41 seats with Labor securing 45.

Earlier in the day the predictions showed the LNP was to win 42 seats with Labor securing 44 but the figures changed just before 5pm.

Parties need 45 seats to form a majority and be able to govern in their own right.

Two Katter's Australian Party members - Mt Isa MP Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth from Dalrymple - and Nicklin independent Peter Wellington may end up determining who will govern the state in the next three years.

Both KAP representatives and Mr Wellington have been contacted by both major parties but neither has committed just yet.

KAP president Shane Paulger said the party would meet to discuss how they would move forward with this power.

"We're not taking this light-heartedly," he said. "We're not going to be pressured into making rash decisions, it's too important.

"We want to be comfortable with people who we do support."

Mr Paulger said the main issues they would take to the negotiating table would be around not selling assets, helping farmers financially and turning the focus away from the south east and into regional Queensland.

Similarly, Mr Wellington said he would be demanding no asset sales.

As Labor declared Saturday night's result a vote on asset sales, the LNP took its assets plan completely off the table as it faced a possibility of being able to negotiate its way back into government.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said on Monday selling assets would not be part of any further discussions.

"(The LNP) went to the people of Queensland seeking a mandate for asset leases," Mr Seeney said. "We didn't get that mandate. So the question is gone.

"So whichever scenario plays out in the next few days in terms of whoever forms a minority government, I don't think asset leases will be part of the agenda going forward."

Both Mr Paulger and Mr Wellington said they would want to know about the LNP leadership before they committed to either major party.

"I certainly would not support Jeff Seeney continuing with his involvement in planning issues," Mr Wellington said.

"It's not for me to dictate or tell the LNP what they should do, but I'll wait to hear what the LNP leadership team (is)."

Mr Wellington said his decision would come down to what he had in common with either of the major parties coming to the table.

"The government needs to be able to move forward with certainty, stability and that I think is paramount as to whoever forms that government," he said.

"And hopefully by Wednesday we'll get a better outcome as to who is going to be elected to Parliament."

A spokesman from Annastacia Palaszczuk's office said the party members remained hopeful they would be able to form a government in their own right.

Mr Seeney said yesterday's figures showed neither major party would secure the needed 45 seats.

He also said negotiations would need to take place during the next few days to form a government.


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