How big is too big?
How big is too big? Jason Foster

Now that's a snake...

THERE'S big... and then there's big.

Koumala man Patrick Foster came across this scrub Python while cutting blackboy grass (Xanthorrhoea) off Blue Mountain Rd.

To explain, Foster says he's about six-foot-two, and reckons the snake was at least seven foot and as round as a 1.25l bottle.

"I hadn't seen a big snake that big for a while, so picked it up and took a few photos of him."

Foster looks sort of comfortable despite the length of the snake, and says growing up in Cloncurry in Western Queensland, snakes of that size were a regular thing.

With him was his brother Jason. "We needed to get the grass where it was, so we moved it and just got a few photos with it then let it go near by," he said.

"We've handled plenty of pythons before, (but) none this size. When we came across it, it had no intentions of striking or showing any signs of aggression."

"It just wanted to enjoy what it had just ate."

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