Pauline Hanson.
Pauline Hanson. Contributed

Legal threat: Hanson objects to Paradise Dam decision

BROADCASTER Alan Jones and Senator Pauline Hanson were scathing on the state government decision to release 105,000 ML from Paradise Dam during an interview on Sky News.

Ms Hanson said during Richo & Jones she was considering taking legal action against the government in order to prevent lowering of the spillway by five metres.

She was contacted to seek clarification on when she would do this, but did not respond before deadline.

Concerns involving the dam have spanned three premiers ever since its construction, including parliamentary speeches by the then Burnett MP Rob Messenger during the Anna Bligh led government in 2006.

Mr Messenger received complaints that the dam was leaking, and he wanted further action taken to investigate the situation.

These were details explained by Jones on the show but also confirmed by Mr Messenger.

Ms Hanson said Campbell Newman's LNP led government was aware of leaks, and that they set aside money for repairs.

"Because they were thrown out of government, nothing has been done about it now," she said.

"This is going on for years since the dam was basically built, and the state government says 'well, no one is using the water'.

"Well of course they can't use the water because no one's put in pipelines so farmers can't use the water."

Jones described Paradise Dam's situation as "a water story of incompetence and dishonesty."

"Even though geographically you may not be involved in the story, bear with me because it demonstrates government and water policy completely at odds with common sense," Jones said to his viewers.

In parliament on November 28, 2006, Mr Messenger said "well-placed sources" raised concerns of leaks.

Ms Bligh responded by saying that she confirmed with Sunwater that there were no leaks in the dam.

Mr Messenger said he toured the site two weeks later.

On Wednesday he told the News Mail that he recalled from his tour that the dam was a new type of engineering structure that adapted, depending on how full it was.

But a granite outcrop known as 'the pimple' on the left hand bank had not been removed during the construction.

This caused problems for engineers because the dam's flexibility caused leaks around 'the pimple'.

Sunwater was asked in July, 2013, if the granite outcrop was the cause of structural issues, but it responded by saying; "the basalt pimple is on the right-side of the dam and is not associated in any way with the damage caused by the floods at the dam."

A spokeswoman for Natural Resources Minister Dr Lynham was asked if the granite outcrop was an issue, but she said, "the water level is being reduced to allow works to improve the dam's stability during extreme rain events."

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