Harry's view on Browne Park stadium funding announcement.
Harry's view on Browne Park stadium funding announcement.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Make America great again


Make America great again

Trump's mantra is: "Make American great again!"

Great for whom: for his family's business benefit?

He is even more deluded, dangerous, desperate and deranged, with the real threat of an impending election loss.

The peril of believers' perspective in support of Trump, reiterates the old adage:" You can fool some of the people all of the time and all the people some of the time.".

People with strong morals and ethics, with a sense of equity and social justice, have no tolerance for Trump's modus operandi.

He reiterates his theories on the severity of the pandemic killing 200 thousand Americans, the wearing of masks, sabotaging the guaranteed success of postal votes, denying global warming, denigrating protesters as "anarchists" and "domestic terrorists", while making promises of a COVID-19 vaccine before November for all.

What is alarming, he believes he is right, nominating himself for a "peace" award.

He has divided the nation: "A house divided against itself cannot stand"!

It is unconscionable to regard this person, known for unsavoury and uncouth regard for women and opponents, using his family to promote his political cause.

He is dangerous and desperate to win again.

"The measure of the character of a man is not by the journey, but the choices he makes along the way."

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands




Harry's view on Browne Park stadium funding announcement.
Harry's view on Browne Park stadium funding announcement.




LPMC. Another Palaszczuk bureaucrat, David Barbagallo has been caught out by the Qld CCC. Why did it take so long for our Premier to concede that her hand picked loyal Labor rip off bureaucrats dudded taxpayers again? Now it's time to change the so-called leeedher.

ANON. I refer to the report by journalist Jann Houley in Wednesday's eTMB regarding the lack of service from our telecommunications giant. We (both in our eighties) also received unacceptable service when visiting the Telstra shop at Stockland, when told we would have a 3hr wait just to speak to one of their staff! All I can say that if this service, or lack of it, is a result of rationalisation of their business, then I am afraid that they are "sadly" failing to meet their customer expectations and needs. Surely they acknowledge that customer satisfaction is critical to long term success and survival. Once again Telstra, with respect, your performance in the area of customer satisfaction is waning. Your immediate objective should be to improve your staffing level at your Stockland shop in order to provide an improved level of customer service.

HM WESTBROOK. Hundreds of boxthorn bushes in piggery and old prison.

ANON. So we are going to pay double for our fruit and veg yet there's thousand out of work and on a taxpayer funded holidays. This government needs to dish out some tough love and send them out to these farmers that need workers. You would not have to be a rocket scientist to pick fruit or veg would you?



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