LETTERS: Water quality regulations abandoned



Reef water quality regulations to be abandoned by our government

After snorkelling with my children last week at Fitzroy Island I was in disbelief at the government's plan to overhaul existing regulations to protect our reef.

This icon of natural beauty is at our doorstep and we need to protect our environment and the thousands of jobs that so desperately rely on its survival.

Our local government needs to work together with farmers to clean up water and ensure run-off with polluting chemicals is not filtered into our waterways, not about turn and reverse the decisions when they are pushed by farming groups.

As a community we need to do our part to protect our livelihood, and support the politicians who actively back the reef regulations as they stand.

After a year of bushfires, floods, mass coral bleaching and a global pandemic - my vote in our next election will be in favour of sustainability and common sense.

Liesl Bourke, Freshwater



Daffodil Day a little brighter thanks to Suncorp

I am writing to say thank you to Suncorp for their support and participation during our most recent Daffodil Day Appeal.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Daffodil Day Appeal looked a bit different this year, but it did not alter our mission to encourage communities to create hope by funding lifesaving cancer research.

In lieu of traditional Daffodil Day sites we hosted a Virtual Tin Shake campaign asking our supporters to reach out to their personal and professional networks for donations.

Across 18 of their branches - ranging from Far North Queensland, to Central Queensland and the Wide Bay Burnett region - Suncorp employees took part in our Virtual Tin Shake, raising just over $1000, all of which will go towards vital cancer research.

Any funds they raised were then dollar matched by their employer as part of Suncorp's Brighter Future program.

The Brighter Future program gives Suncorp employees the opportunity to work with organisations in their local communities and support them either by volunteering or fundraising.

For more information on our upcoming fundraising campaigns, please visit, cancerqld.org.au/be-involved

Ms Chris McMillan, CEO, Cancer Council Queensland




Harry's View
Harry's View



ANON. I see the new COVID laws are changing to allow for football stadiums to be 75 per cent. But the question young people want answers to is can they dance at nightclubs? Every change is around money Annastasia? Yet you are determined to stop and keep people from enjoying a night out. Why is that?

DEBRA L, ROCKY. In regards to farmers and harvesting of crops workers shortage, the government should get low risk supervised prisoners to do such. The government could bus prisoners in and out daily while farmers paid remuneration wage to cover costs. By doing so the price of fresh fruit and veg could remain reasonable and the farmers could be spared the heartbreak of losing crops and income. The more Australia does for farmers the better for all really, after all they are the suppliers and backbone of our nation.

ANON. This government is soft. Get these people who on JobSeeker off their butts and out picking our fruit and veg. Do your job or get the hell out. You are to generous with tax payers cash.

ANON. More public housing is needed not fly by night pollies who only think of only one thing - their big, fat generous funded retirement. We need a pollie that going into bat for the average Joe Blow.

ANON. A vote for odork is a vote to bring Rocky to its knees. Think very careful this election. Get it wrong and you pay the price.



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