STAY SAFE: Protect privacy online to prevent identity theft.
STAY SAFE: Protect privacy online to prevent identity theft. Thinkstock

'Lives are turned upside down'

IDENTITY theft and stalking are just a couple of the devastating consequences Warwick residents face by sharing far too much private information online.

Children are told not to tell strangers their full names, addresses or phone numbers, but that information and more is now being shared on Facebook.

Warwick Police Senior Constable Kirsty Moore said people were giving up their freedom and privacy without thinking twice.

"Lives are turned upside down, no matter what we do as police to minimise the fallout it's already happened, we just pick up the pieces," she said.

"If they want to stalk you or open bank accounts or steal your identity (they can)."

Const Moore said it was shocking to see the information willingly shared.

It has lead to credit cards being opened without permission and homes being broken into, as people know where others work or have checked in.

A self-check on Facebook was the best way to protect against identity theft, ConstMoore said.

Removing full names, addresses, birthdays and phone numbers is recommended.

"Think every time you post, is it really important to put it out there?" ConstMoore said.



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