The fleet heading north on day four of race week.
The fleet heading north on day four of race week.

Living Doll in front of fleet

DAY one saw the Meridien Marinas Airlie Beach Race Week get off to a strong start with a 120 boat start line.

The different divisions sailed varied courses and took advantage of the southerly breeze which allowed them to hoist spinnakers.

Michael Hiatt stole the day in his Farr 55 Living Doll to a double line honours and handicap win in the IRC racing division one.

Locals were well represented with Terry Archer winning the racing division handicap in Questionable Logic and Peter Johnson's Amadeus took the handicap for division two.

Day two began under brilliant blue skies as the fleet headed out into Pioneer Bay.

The weather prediction was for a glass out followed by light winds so the fleet sat patiently and waited for a start.

Lambourdini challenged Living Doll to win the handicap win in IRC division one.

Bob Thompson's Sirocco won the Multihull battle from Robert Dean's Moving Finger.

The breeze came in well above expectations on day three.

The fleet was held ashore in the morning until a light afternoon north easterly breeze appeared.

From the late start the wind gradually built and stabilised across the Bay.

Pierre Gal's Sports 8xx Kiss scored the sports boat class handicap win.

On day four the fleet rounded Saddleback Island for just the second time in race history, just behind George Point at the top of the Gloucester Group.

IRC racing division one daily double went to Living Doll, Michael Hiatt's Farr 55 for the third time in this year's regatta.

In cruising class division one John and Kim Clinton's Holy Cow (Beneteau Oceanis 50) won the day on handicap.

In cruising non spinnaker division, Norm House's Sundowner from the Whitsunday Sailing Club scored the handicap win.

The Multihulls enjoyed the additional breeze with Whitsunday Sailing Club's Bob Thomson and his Sirocco crew taking the handicap win.

Day five got underway yesterday for the IRC Racing, PHS Racing, IRC Cruising and Multihull divisions sailing on the 34 nautical mile Cones-Molle Islands Race.

PRO Tony Denham sent the cruising and cruising non spinnaker away on course nine, a modified Molle Island course of around 24 nautical miles in an eight knot breeze.

The breeze built to ten knots for the IRC racing division one start.

Living Doll again took the double win and is standing at number one in the division.

Results to date

  • IRC Racing division one – Living Doll
  • IRC Racing division two – Flying Cloud
  • IRC Cruising – Ocean Affinity
  • Performance Racing – Questionable Logic
  • Sports Boat Class – Blokes World
  • Multihulls – Sirocco
  • Super 30s – Guilty Pleasures III
  • Cruising Class (non-spinnaker) - Let's Go
  • Cruising Class (spinnaker) - Peggy

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